Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger (S01E10) “Colony Collapse”

Colony Collapse is directed by Wayne Yip and Written by Joe Pokaski. In this finale, Tandy (Olivia Holt) and Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph)must come together to save the New Orleans from catastrophe. Throughout the episode Evita’s aunt Chantelle (Angela M. Davies) tells Evita (Noelle Renée Bercy) about other Devine Pairings, and how one of them had to die to stop catastrophe in New Orleans.

Tandy manages to confuse the killer who had her mom on her hands, and the killer escapes. Tandy visits visit Mina Hess (Ally Maki), and is attacked by the Terrors that were chasing Mina in the last episodes. She saves Mina from the two terrors and explains what they are. Mina tells Tandy that there are more valves just like the one who created the terrors all around the city.

Tyrone is on the run from the police, after being framed for murdering officer Fuchs. He meets his dad that gives him his cloak, that he is convinced helps him control his powers. Tyrone finds himself in Marti Gras celebration on the streets running away from the police and finds detective O’Reilly (Emma Lahana). The polices catches both, and takes them to a precinct, but they put them in a prison cell. O’Reilly tells Tyrone that if they put them in a cell, it means they are officially there, meaning Connors (J.D. Everomore) and other corrupt cops will kill them. Tyrone gives a great speech to the officer guarding them, but they still can’t find a way out.

Tandy and Mina find it hard to close the rest of the valves, because everyone in New Orleans turn into terrors. They find themselves trapped, as one of the terrors infects Mina. The infection spreads throughout the precinct and that helps Tyrone to get his cloak back, with the help of O’Reilly. He finds himself surrounded by terrors, but manages to teleport himself to the same place as Tandy, and just in time to stop Mina from attacking Tandy.

The duo gets back to the church, to regroup and think how to get out of the situation. Evita storms in and tells them about the divine pairing. She also tells them that to stop this, one of them has to die. Evita looks at Tyrone’s arm and sees a scar. The scar resembles a mark of the deceased of the divine pairing. By this time, Tyrone seems the one who’s gonna die, so she kisses him to say goodbye.

Tandy and Tyrone head to the core, that has the kill switch for the whole system. O’Reilley is helping them as much as she can, but Connors shoots her. She ends up on one of ROXXON’s valves, and as Connors fires the killing shot, the valve explodes on O’Reilly.

Connors stops the duo and threatens to shoot Tandy, but the duo team up to disarm him. Tyrone grabs him and teleports him to the top of the building, he shows a side of him we’ve never seen. Tyrone looks down the building and for a second a thinks of throwing Connors down, but doesn’t do it and lets him go instead. Connors grabs his gun and we find out another of tyrones powers. The shadows that surrounds him after he teleports aren’t just for show, Tyrone can manipulate them and he uses them to hold onto Connors. He pulls Connors towards him, the shadows consume Connors and he disappears.

Tyrone tells Tandy that is has this powers because it is his destiny to get to the core before her. He tells her that he is supposed to die and teleports himself in building. He quickly shuts off the valves, but he is too late. Tandy gets there right on time, and bumps into a heating valve. She gets a scar that looks exactly like the scar in Tyrone’s arm. The core starts destabilize, and they see the energy looks exactly what it’s like when they try to touch. They decide to hold hands and they absorb the energy. They teleport to the top of a stadium, and release the energy to the sky, saving the day.

ROXXON admit to their crimes, and give Tandy the redemption she was looking for. She finally leaves the church and moves in with her mother. However Tyrone moves in the church, still being a fugitive from the police. Tandy brings him a care package and their bond looks stronger than ever.

A post-credit scene shows O’Reilly coming out of the river, she looks almost dead, with green eyes.

Final Thoughts

This was a good finale, i have to admit. Although the starts takes away credibility from the end of the last episode. Making the hit-woman Scarborough (Wayne Pere) look weak, instead of threatening. The stakes were at their highest and it was great to see Tyrone embrace his powers and his personification of fear.

The season was a slow starter, but they develop the story and the characters of Tandy, Tyrone and Brigid O’Reilly, really well. I just wish in season 2 they can make a more intriguing villain, and develop more the surrouding characters of Evita and Mina who still have much to give.

Rating: 8.5/10