Shooter (S03E07) – “Swing Vote”

are you ready bob lee?

After all that has happened so far this season, it’s now very personal. Bob Lee (Ryan Phillippe) has been uncovering truths about his father he dreamed of knowing, all to solve his murder. But now they attacked his wife, Julie (Shantel VanSanten) and Sam (David Andrews). It’s pretty clear now that ATLAS is ready to do whatever it takes. Which leaves us wondering, if the team are too.

In the previous episode, we thought Memphis (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) was taken by ATLAS when she was put in the back of the SUV. Turns out, she was being taken by Margo (Mallory Jansen). Part of the DOJ and an unlikely ally. After rescuing Memphis, she basically threatens her and says the team is to work with her or she’ll expose Memphis, Bob Lee and Isaac (Omar Epps) for all they’ve done. She provides information on a burn book that belonged to the late Patricia Gregson (Beverly D’Angelo), information on everything relating to ATLAS. Once Memphis received it, Margo opened up about all she knew about ATLAS. Which, as it turns out, is run by Andrew Gold – Chief of Staff to the President.

We see Red Bama Snr (Gerald McRaney), in a somewhat called to the principal’s office situation, meeting with an unknown figure – supposedly the head of ATLAS. We find out later that he is Andrew Gold, the Chief of Staff to POTUS. Gold and Bama Sr end up talking about an operation.  They aren’t as worried about the fact that Bob Lee and the team has the God Box, because they don’t know why ATLAS wanted it. Gold dismissed Bama Sr comments about moving the date of the operation because it is already in motion. Gold also urges Bama Sr to take care of Bob Lee asap.

Julie gets a call about Sam acting up at the courthouse. After calming him down, he opens up to her. Sam tells her that Bama Jr bribed him and that he has it on tape. Further telling her that he is dying. “A man is the sum of his memories” – he wants to go while he still has them, he wants to go on his own terms.

Bama Sr finds out where the team is based and small ATLAS army comes after them. After asking to give up, he blows in the door. With the only order to bring in the God box and Bob Lee, dead or alive, the mission goes south and the team get away.

The episode ends with Bama Jr showing up to Sam’s office with a baseball bat in hand. Bama Sr told his son, Bama Jr, to take whatever means necessary to stop the investigation. Bama Jr’s intentions were clear, he was there to kill him. Only to be interrupted by Julie, who is almost killed in the process. But it seems that Julie is already too late. Luckily, Sam was recording himself before Bama Jr arrived and the entire altercation is caught on tape.

Thoughts on episode 7:

  • With the plan already set in motion, what is this plan? With locations on every government official. What is going to go down, and when?
  • Is Margo a reliable and trustworthy ally? Are her intentions true?
  • If Sam was killed and Bob Lee’s attacked, what will Bob Lee do to exact his revenge? And how does this affect the wrongful death case?

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