UnREAL (S04E05) “No Limit”

Hey all! Welcome back. Check below for my review of episode 5″No Limit”! As always beware of spoilers.


This episodes title is certainly fitting, especially when it comes to Rachel (Shiri Appleby). As the season has progressed her actions continue to push the limits of what we thought she was capable of. Even Quinn (Constance Zimmer) is taken aback by her apprentice’s behaviour. At first, she was proud but as each episode passes she is realizing the problem she’s created. I don’t think Quinn ever thought Rachel would take this kind of turn. It doesn’t help that Quinn has been sidetracked with her life, so she hasn’t been able to do damage control like she used too. Rachel is mostly free to do as she pleases, and she does so with abandon. She orchestrated an extra cruel challenge for the women, one which Maya (Natasha Wilson) was mainly the target for. Watching that poor girl get egged was absolutely heartbreaking, especially when she broke one on herself. Old Rachel wouldn’t have done that. I want old Rachel back.

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This season as a whole has been overly depressing. It’s impossible to really root for anyone other than a couple of the contestants. Most of the production team has become monstrous, and everyone else is generally unlikable. Even Quinn’s pregnancy is mostly tragic though it’s framed in a hopeful light. She’s doing the best she can considering the odds are stacked against her, and Chet (Craig Bierko) is being as supportive as he can. Unfortunately with everything else happening it’s hard for them to focus on their own situation. Considering the show’s past, one can assume this will not end well, which is incredibly sad.

The best part of the episode was probably Faith (Breeda Wool) showing up. I really loved her in her season, and it was great to see her come back for an episode. Also, Candy (Natalie Hall) was a pleasure as always. I wasn’t sure about her at first, but I’ve really come to enjoy her character.