Marvel Comics: Infinity Wars (Issue 01)

Alright everyone, so we have a great comic story to give to you all today, and truth be told I was not expecting this to happen especially with what happened in this first issue was shocking to say the least but history has also been made in this comic! We’ve seen what is known as the Infinity Watch, I know it sounds interesting but I’ll get into detail with that a little bit. Lets get started with this review!

Okay, so yes this is a new story that is being made and with it just starting we have already had shock and heart break because in those moments you really weren’t expecting the certain character to go bad. So with this comic story it is a story based from the Infinity Guantlet and Infinity storylines that Marvel has done in the past but it’s a good thing, because instead of the classic Infinity stones story that we’ve already read and we all are familiar with wither you are new comic readers or old comic readers you know how the stories went. With this story however there are twists, such as in the classic stories we know that Thanos is always the big bad of the comics and tries killing all the heroes who try to stop him. Well no longer people, so there’s this villain that is wanting to finish what Thanos has started and in order to do that our new villain Requiem has to kill Thanos. Yes now in the Marvel Comic Universe Thanos is dead or at least for right now he is who knows if it will truly stick. With that we had the villain Requiem who was behind the mask and believe it or not it is true, it is Gamora!

I know right? Its hard to believe that Gamora is now going all evil, but for those who have read the infinity Guantlet and Infinity story lines you all know that half of Gamora’s soul is still inside of the soul stone of the six infinity stones and it’s because of that little piece of her that has that compassion and caring side of her thats stuck in the stone, she’s become a ruthless and heartless warrior who doesn’t give a shit about anything. Like seriously Gamora has become so heartless and it wasn’t until the guardians went to New Xandar to find out why Gamora is acting so different that they found out that not all of her soul is intact with her body. And its because of that now, that we have met the Gamora of this comic story. And because Peter Quill/Star Lord knew she was going to do whatever she could to get the remaining piece of her soul back from the soul stone he sent Drax away with the stone.

Which brings me to my next part, we have a new clan of heroes and villains that come together to become the first group in history of Marvel Comics. The group is now called Infinity Watch, they are tasked to team up with certain heroes or villains or anti-heroes for each to guard and protect the six infinity stones. Star Lord, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot protect the Power stone; Adam Warlock, Drax, and Iron Lad protect the Soul stone; Captain Marvel protects the Reality stone; Turk protects the Mind stone; Doctor Strange protects the Time stone; and Black Widow protects the Space stone. With these protectors, each of them are set to have individuals who check in on them to make sure that everything goes well. We did see however a young Kang at the meeting of the Infinity Watch which is interesting cause Kang has always been a villain who wants to destroy the Avengers and all of Earth’s mightest heroes but I guess because theres a new threat he’s putting that on hold. We also saw Spot who has a pretty cool ability and would put up a good fight if needed, Bullseye which that was interesting to see a Daredevil villain as someone to be trusted with such powerful stones. There were a few others but I don’t remember their names. As you can see this group is going to be interesting!

The first issue was a great and crazy read, I do highly recommend this story to anyone who loves Marvel Comics cause it’s going to get interesting, now I don’t want to spoil anything so I can’t tell you guys who dies in this first issue but it was a heart breaker. The writer and creator of the comic, Gerry Duggan, did a phenomenal job but given that he’s written a lot of the stories for Deadpool and now moves to a bigger and huge event it’s a huge leap but I like the first issue that he has created so far and I can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve for the next five issues. Mike Deodato did a great job with the art work for the comic and I have to say his work is phenomenal, it reminds me of a little bit of Jack Kirby’s work but in a more detailed way which is awesome! You always have to respect the artist, they always put in huge efforts to give the comic book readers fantastic art to look at. Frank Martin who edited and colored some of the art, did a phenomenal job as well, his work is literally something to remember for future works in the Marvel Comics world. All three of these artists in their own way helped bring each moment of the pages to reality and captured some very intense and amazing moments in new comic book history and we the fans are honored to be able to read their finished product!

Marvel Comics: Infinity Wars (Issue 01) is now available in all comic stores and digital comic retailers!

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