BelowDeckMed (S03E12) “Take this Job and Stew It”

After Conrad and Hannah split over 50 Euros during dinner, it’s Joao and Conrad’s turn.

One thing about BelowDeckMed, it’s never boring!

Conrad, still fuming over Hannah’s blow up over the money, is pouting in a corner when Jdouchebag or Jezi or J’s 50th alternate personality that’s surfaced so far, decides it’d be a good time to steal Conrad’s shoe like a 5th grade play ground bully.

Which makes since, because that’s Jdouche’s maturity level, even though, as he loves to point out, he’s older than Conrad.

They almost come to blows, when Jdouche decides to scamper off to Brooke, and play the victim.

She praises him for taking the high road, kiss, and the party winds down and everyone gets back on the boat.

The crew prepares for the next charter, which just so happens to be more good friends of Sandy’s.

Interesting.  I’ve never seen a Below Deck captain have so many friends charter the yacht.

Is this some kind of power play on Sandy’s part?  What do you guys think?

Conrad and Hannah make up, Brooke complains to Kasey that they’re doing all the work, and the next charter guests arrive.

Hey, isn’t it the 2nd and 3rd stews job to do a lot of the work?  And Brooke also started in on “On my last boat” which is a familiar phrase.  Where have we heard that before?

Brooke fills Sandy in on all the drama from the crew’s night out, trying to kiss Sandy’s ass,

while Hannah and Kasey are getting ready for the day.  This storyline’s really starting to sound familiar, right guys?

Conrad and Hannah make up, and decide to give their relationship another shot.

Sandy’s guests, Lizzie and company, arrive, and the first part of the day goes rather smoothly, with the crew, especially Hannah and Adam, looking to redeem themselves from the last time Sandy had guests on board.

The guests own a winery, so they’re more demanding about what they like.  Which is understandable.  They’re not being nasty about it, either, just letting the girls know the wine isn’t cold enough.  Every time.  Next time, bring it out frozen.  Like Anna.  Maybe that would be cold enough?

For dinner, Adam is serving a Hamptonsesq clam bake, and is pulling out all the stops.

Sandy’s eating with the guests again, so Adam’s on his A game this charter.

The rest of the dinner goes well, and Hannah goes to bed, leaving Brooke and Kasey to handle the clean up.

Meanwhile, the deck crew are waiting for their dinner, which Adam forgot to make.  Again.

Apparently he really doesn’t like cooking for the deck crew.  Rude.

The next day, the guests actually go out and tour Italy, ending up in a castle on a hill.  Talk about gorgeous.

The only downside:  having to get the picnic lunch to the top of the hill takes half the crew.

It’s a long freaking walk.

Service goes well, with Brooke once again throwing Hannah under the bus for being lazy and not working.

Meanwhile, Joao and Kasey are laughing over something and Brooke gets jealous over their “relationship.”

Earlier, Joao joked about still wanting to break Kasey’s 8 year no sex string.  Ewww.  She’s turned him down flat, but in typical Jdouche fashion, he refuses to accept a girl might not be interested in him.

This pisses Brooke off, and she’s been looking at Kasey sideways ever since.

It’s still not enough to stop Brooke from dissing Hannah to her every chance she gets.

Sounds like someone who’s very insecure in every aspect of her life. She thinks she’s making herself look better, but in reality, she’s coming off as a little backstabbing whiner.

Again, sound familiar anyone?

Adam impresses everyone by serving freshly caught octopus, and wows with his dinner presentation.

The rest of the charter goes well, but short.  After last charters tip, this one leaves a lot to be desired.  Kind of like Sandy’s last friends.

What did you think of the episode?  Are you #TeamHannah or #TeamBrooke?  Let me know in the comments and let me know why.  What do you think is going to happen with Jdouche and Brooke?  Should she cut it off now?  Is there any way for her to finish the season without looking like a total idiot?