Reverie (S01E10) “Point of Origin”

When the creator of Reverie (Mickey Fisher) opened up this fantastical world, he brought an unexpected and compelling story to life. Along with the unique and diverse characters, it’s easy to get lost in their world week after week. Everything has been leading up to these final moments, and nothing is out of the realm of possibilities.

This episode circles around closure, which is quite befitting for a season finale. The growth that each character has developed over the short 10 episode arc has been significant. Mara (Sarah Shahi) has been able to step out of the catastrophic ties that had her sidelined from the rest of the world, through her struggles, she has been able to help so many lost souls. It’s her turn for retribution, and her sister’s husband, Ray (Christopher Redman), is able to aid with her moving forward.

Reveries01e09123 - Reverie (S01E10) "Point of Origin"
Mara confronting the man, Ray, who has made her life a living nightmare.

Each character must confront some of the darker parts of themselves, including Alexis (Jessica Lu) who has been running from herself, for all these years. We soon find out that Oliver (Jon Fletcher) isn’t quite done with her yet, kidnapping her and forcing her into a Reverie of his making, a new level of insanity breaks through. His disturbances go deeper, holding more sinister intentions. The demons are winning in this case.

Mara exudes this relentless strength and determination, she is the perfect vessel to extract Alexis from her current predicament. Onira Tech is on high alert, and Oliver’s devious plot to destroy everything is becoming their new reality. Racing against the clock, Mara and Alexis find themselves working together. Two bold and talented females sharing the screen together brings an inspiring element to the episode. Nothing can keep them down for long.

reveries01e1012 - Reverie (S01E10) "Point of Origin"
Alexis and Mara, ready to take on the world.

The over productive Charlie (Dennis Haysbert) uses all of his connections to find Alexis. Including their formidable ally, Monica (Kathryn Morris). The people who make up Onira Tech are more than just employees, they are also one big family. When something bad happens to one of their own, they all feel it. Paul (Sendhil Ramamurthy) throws himself into reclaiming and securing the overheating servers. It makes for some intense moments, but the show is good at keeping the audience captivated.

Just when the situation seems most dire, the bravery and tact that Mara has nearly defused the conflict, but it can never work out the way they expect it to. Igniting the fire, Oliver has finally gotten his way. Trapping himself inside of the Reverie program. This won’t be the last we have seen of him, he isn’t done with his delusional take over just yet.

reveries01e1031 - Reverie (S01E10) "Point of Origin"
Oliver. The very definition of unsettled.

From the ashes, Onira Tech arises once more. Bringing a deeper sense of community within its walls. With a new focus and even bigger dreams, they are ready to continue on the journey. There are many more people to help. Alexis is no longer going to stand by in the shadows, she’s ready to face the light, and bring the program to the masses.

This may be the last episode, as we have yet to hear if Reverie has been renewed, but they did such a great job at wrapping up the conflict and chaos, without bringing on a definite end to the story. Ending with a cliffhanger, being a viewer you can’t help but want more. I sure hope we get it.

The story is just beginning, plus the developing relationship between Paul and Mara definitely needs more screentime.

this was the season finale for reverie.

Photos: Screen captures taken by author of review.