Interview with Christopher Gorham

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Christopher Gorham has been in the entertainment industry for almost thirty years, he has played everything from high school student suffering from leukemia on Popular to a blind tech operative on Covert Affairs. Starting August 10th, he will be headed to Netflix for the Lauren Gussis created dramedy, Insatiable, co-starring Debby Ryan. He took some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions about not just his career but the balance between work and his family.    

Stacey Maynard: Tell me a little bit about your character on The Magicians.

Christopher Gorham: I played a Senator, John Gaines, who also happened to be a demi-god. He was, essentially, the embodiment of white privilege – a man who felt self-made but was, in fact, blessed with extraordinary advantages. The obvious difference being, of course, his demi-god powers of persuasion. I’m a fan of the show, so I was sad to leave them after just three episodes.

SM:  You are also attached to the Netflix comedy, Insatiable, how did that come about, and can you talk a little bit about that project?

CG:  I auditioned for Insatiable while I was working on 2 Broke Girls. The pilot script reminded me a lot of Popular, just with more teeth. I was immediately impressed with Lauren Gussis, the creator of the show, and with her vision for the journey of her characters.

SM: With the influx of streaming mediums, does that feel different to film a show for binge-watching as opposed to a weekly format?

CG: No, it doesn’t feel different to film a show for Netflix but how it’s seen, and how it’s promoted, is completely different.

SM: Speaking of binge-watching, is there anything that you or your family binge-watch?

CG: I actually prefer spreading my shows out a bit, but the last shows I did binge was the reboot of Lost in Space and Love.

SM: Does it feel different joining an already established show versus starting at season one?

CG: It’s always harder to get on the train after it’s moving.

SM: I feel that there is so many shows that I can bring up when it comes to you, Ugly Betty, Harper’s Island, Covert Affairs. (I could seriously go on.) However, what do feel that you get recognized most for?

CG: Well, that’s very kind. Typically, I’ll be most recognized for whichever show is currently on the air. Hopefully, soon I’ll be most recognized for Insatiable.

SM: Do you have a preference when it comes to comedy versus drama? Is there a different way that you approach each genre?

CG: I prefer comedy, but really it depends on the material. The first season of Insatiable was extraordinary because it required both. I’ve never been more ridiculous and emotionally vulnerable with the same character.

SM: You have also sat in the director’s chair as well, is that something that you see yourself doing more often in the future? 

CG: Yes. I love directing. The 13 days it took to shoot my feature, “We Love You, Sally Carmichael!” were the best two weeks-ish of my career.

SM: In Harper’s Island, you were (spoiler alert) the main bad guy, did you enjoy playing that bad guy as opposed to your usual good guy roles?

CG: Of course!

SM: I have to bring up Popular, such a cult favorite that still resonates today. Did you guys ever feel that it would become the fan favorite that it was and what can you say to those fans still wondering if Harrison would have chosen Brooke or Sam?

CG: I think we all still feel like Popular was ahead of its time and should have had more seasons. Harrison chose Brooke, by the way.

SM: In Covert Affairs, as we know Auggie was blind, how was it to prepare for that role? Did you ever approach this role differently when it came to Auggie’s reactions instead of say Walsh (from Once Upon a Time)?

CG: I worked closely with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) and was even given an award from them for my portrayal. It was very important to me to get Auggie’s physicality correct. It was less important to get Walsh’s physicality correct. They had CGI for the flying monkey stuff. 😉

SM: You are also the voice of Barry Allen in the animated Justice League movies, does voice acting have any perks (or setbacks) that you have noticed?

CG: I get to go to Comic-Con and I get to be a part of some pretty solid animated features. I was a fan of the old Super Friends tv show, so it’s a kick to be part of the Justice League. Our new film, Death of Superman, is out for download now and will be available on Blu-ray August 7.

SM: Do your kids (Gorham and his wife Anel have three children, Lucas, Ethan, and Alondra) thinks it’s awesome that their dad plays a superhero?

CG: Secretly, I think so.

SM: Do you have any role models in the industry?

CG: Henry Winkler. Betty White. May I still be working and smiling like them.

SM: How about away from the camera, who inspires you?

CG: My parents have always been an inspiration. Cliché, but true.

SM: How is it juggling family and work?

CG: It’s always a challenge. Being an actor isn’t an easy career path for a parent.

SM: Do any of your children have an interest in following in your footsteps?

CG: My daughter seems to be the only one, but I think I’ll give her similar advice to what another actor friend told his son, “Major in finance, retire at 32, then get an agent.”

Special thanks to Christopher Gorham for taking the time to chat with us about his life and career! Check out Insatiable starting August 10th on Netflix as well as the animated movie Death of Superman, available both for download and Blu-ray as well.