Real Housewives of New York City (RHONY) (S10E18) “There’s No Place Like Home”

The ladies of RHONY recover from the “boat ride to hell.”

The women are back in New York and recovering from their many maladies after their ill fated Cartegna trip.  Seriously, Tinsley Mortimer should never be allowed to plan another group trip.  That was horrible.

Ramona shows off her newly finished Hamptons house, which she plans on renting I believe.  She went from an off white box to a white box with no character.  She ordered everything off line even though she had contractors.  And here I thought she was a real estate maven.  Hmmmm.

The funniest thing about the big reveal was LuAnn dragging her in her confessionals for ordering everything online.

Oh, yeah, the rugs where from Jill Zarin.  (Can you say discount plug?)

The girls then discuss their excursions to and from the bathroom since they all got home (yep, they all still have diarrhea) in excruciating detail.  I never needed to know that much about anyone’s bowel movements, including my own.

One thing that always irks me in these situations, is when people say “I’ve got kids.  You don’t know.”  blah blah blah.

Does that make my life or experiences any less because I don’t have kids?  It’s 2018.  Time to put that to rest.

Carole decided to play therapist and diagnose Tinsley’s lack of terror on the boat and compare it to her abusive relationship.

What.  The.  Actual. Hell?

Who does that?  Then she got offended when Tinsley started crying.  I’m so glad Carole’s leaving this season yall.  Just no.

Dorinda still hasn’t forgiven Lu for calling her an alcoholic, and is letting everyone know.

She keeps bringing up how she’s defended Lu against everyone over Tom for the last three years.

Dorinda, that’s not a point in your favor.  EVERYONE said he was a player, including the fans.

Dorinda’s the kind of friend that counts favors and once given, expects loyalty for life.  She really seems to think she’s in the mob.  Not cute, and she needs to stop.

Bethenny and Lu meet up to look at lipsticks and gossip about Dorinda:

Carole finally gets the Cosmo party, I mean, Marathon party, she’s been begging for all season.  Cosmo throws a party for her “column” and she invites Heather and they basically bitch about Bethenny.  Yawn.

Btw, I called it a Marathon party because the theme was…wait for it… “Athletic chic.”

Carole looked like the Brady Bunch mother trying too hard to be young.  Especially when Adam made an appearance.  Complete with a fake trophy to celebrate the fake relationship.

Wasn’t Carole just complaining last episode that Bethenny and Ramona had stolen Red Scarf from her?  I can’t keep up and don’t care to honestly.  Adam and Carole are as about as interesting as their personalities combined.

We end the episode with Ramonas skin care line pre launch.  Not even a launch party.  Pre launch.  Sonja brings her shoes to try to hawk, which irks Ramona but she gives her ten minutes.  Everyone shows up but Bethenny, who didn’t even respond to Ramona’s text message apparently.

What did you guys think of RHONY?  Let me know in the comments below.  Are you happy Carole’s gone?  Would you support Ramona’s many, many business launches?