The Bold Type (S02E10) “We’ll Always Have Paris”

Sad news everyone. It’s the last time I get to write about our iconic trio this year. This season came to an end and I’m right after double-watching the finale. Got to say I’m gonna miss this, sharing opinion about episodes and also I’m gonna miss the feeling, you know, cuz I’m having fun with the girls like every time I watch TBT and I kinda feel like I’m actually there with them. Fortunately, we’ll definitely have season 3 and I’m truly hoping for season 4 to be confirmed soon. In the meantime, let’s talk about the ride we experienced during the finale!

Starting with Jane, who still tries to figure out her fertility program , even though she have chosen the option (freezing her eggs), she still has no money to pay for the fertility doctor. It turns out the Safford insurance doesn’t cover this kind of treatment. Which is totally unfair. And there’s Ben trying to come with the solution which is signing as domestic partners and getting this medical care for Jane for free, because you know, he is a doctor and he has connections. There’s also the Pinstripe, or should I say Ryan, because this sounds more serious and, as you all know, HE IS SERIOUS NOW, WITH EVERYTHING. Yeah, pretty complicated love life, huh? Two guys fighting for Jane’s feeling, trying to be Prince Charming. But seriously, both of them acted extremely sweet. Ben tried not to freak her out with the offer, he’s a good person, he’s compassionate (it’s actually Jane’s words). But Janestripe has THIS THING, you know? (also Jane’s words) He showed up holding a carton of eggs, offering to pay for freezing her eggs because he was the reason he could finally write his book. He acted a little wrong, you know, knowing Jane has a boyfriend, kissing her.. but still.. I’m amazed by the way he finally took himself over and admitted how he feels. We had a feeling, of course we had Ryan. You sorta belong each other and you’re probably gonna be the endgame. Somehow Jane and Ryan understand each other like no one else. And I’m not gonna be surprised if the person Jane wants to call when something big happens turns to be Ryan. But moving on to other things about Jane’s life, her powerful piece about Safford, being published by Jacqueline after all… I’m so proud of them, of their courage to do it. Putting the truth above the career. That’s not an easy thing to do. Jane going to Paris actually warmed my heart. We needed her there. And the text message about meeting with Jacqueline in the lobby was great. But the greatest one was when she took Alex to the fashion closet, walked around the room nervously, peppered him with questions and thoughts – amazing scene! A lot of pressure? Yeah, that’s exactly why boys aren’t invited there. Usually.

Sutton overcome her fear of not being enough in the fashion world, of being ungifted, of not being able to reconcile the love life and the career. But as Oliver said to her, her talent is undeniable. And she had another occasion to prove that she’s completely awesome at her job. After she drown the notebook and still managed with everything, which was amazing, she impressed us all. She simply trusted her instincts and she was completely right there. Oliver happens to be as great boss as Jacqueline is. The boss that a girl could dream of, as Sutton accurately defined. He helped her believe in herself, he became interested in the reason she’s not acting normally, he took her to the side just to talk with her. And he instructed her about some pretty important thing that YOU NEVER WALK AWAY FROM LOVE. NEVER. He let her skip Paris to find Richard and to tell him how she feels before it’s too late. She wasn’t the only one deciding to fight for this love this time. Richard decided the same thing after Sutton showed at his father’s funeral. It made him realize that he feels alive with Sutton, not with Jessica, and that it was always Sutton. And he flied to Paris with the same intension as Sutton was planning to go to NY. What a happy ending everyone! Suttard shippers, we couldn’t be more satisfied! They are perfect for each other and Sutton’s smile while she’s with him is so beaming. I’m so happy for her! When they kissed on public my wishes come true! Although I didn’t like her make up at the end of the episode, I’m so glad we saw them together at the event, as a couple. Waited the whole season for that thing! Knew that both of them will realize they cannot be apart. Soooo finely!

It’s time to discuss Kat’s life a little. I’ve got to say, girls is pretty ingenious. The ‘no cells at the party’ idea was accurate and I hope will help not to remove Jacqueline as an editor because she doesn’t deserve it. About Kat’s love life, well, it’s complicated again. Or she complicated it herself. I’m not sure. When it’s about her, I’ve got to admit she makes mostly selfish decision, the rushed and ill-considered ones. She can’t wait, she never waits if she wants something. That is a flaw, but also an advantage at the same time. When she does things, she doesn’t wonder how it could affect other people. It’s not always, but often. She’s very impulsive. I loved how she talked to Adena about meeting with Coco, it was so intense, Kat was amazing in that scene. But I’m kinda getting tired of Kadena fights. They’re constantly having problems, like they can’t figure out what they truly want. If they chose to be together after all, why aren’t they completely honest with each other? Why do they keep making the same mistakes? Hiding things from each other? I don’t get that. Once they wanna be together, the other time they need some space. It’s unsure situation all the time. Kat being asked what’s wrong always answers that things with Adena are bad again. When will it end? Maybe they’re not supposed to be together, if one of the most important things, communication, is missing between them.

Stealing macaroons? Face-timing? Taking selfie at the carpet when there’s sign ‘no cell’ all over? All of them, all of the together scenes were amazing. Can’t believe we’re not gonna see this kinda situations until spring 2019 (unless we won’t be re-watching 1&2 seasons of course). Who’s gonna cheer us up till then? I always say that together scenes are the power of this show. The support they give each other… I can’t even put that in words. They’re so lucky to have this friendship. In the mean mad world like ours, having this kind of relationship is priceless. I can’t wait to see what another season will bring us. But I know one thing for sure. My life is better since The Bold Type girls are in it. See you next, not so soon time guys!

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