Killjoys (S04E04) “What To Expect When You’re Expecting…An Alien Parasite”

#TeamAwesomeForce is back, Killjoy fans!

Well, sort of.  Johnny is in isolation, trying to fight the Green, and Dutch is still unconscious after fighting her way out of the Green.

What else could go wrong?  Oh, yeah, Delle Seyah is in labor.  No biggie.  Take a peak of the latest Killjoys episode here:

But of course there’s a problem.  The baby isn’t human, after all, but because doing a C section would mean having to keep a wound open for longer than two seconds, Delle Seyah’s kind of screwed.

Our Killjoys are stranded from the rest of the armada, so the hope of saving D’av and Delle Seyah’s baby rests in Zeph’s hands.  Apparently she was a midwife, too?  She’s a woman of many intrigues.

It’s up to her to come up with a solution, however.

We finally see some of what happened in the Green.  It’s illuminating, to say the least.  Klyen tells Dutch to find the thief to save them, and Aneela helps Dutch escape the Green.

Or was it Aneela?  The eyes going black makes me think not.

Johnny and Dutch have a face to face, and it doesn’t go well.  He tries to manipulate her into letting him go, and she calls his bluff.  She promises to find a way to fix him, but he’s not buying what she’s selling.

Delle Seyah’s labor gets complicated, and Zeph tries using D’av as some sort of Green repellent so they can perform a C section.  Things don’t go according to plan, however, and D’av winds up affecting the baby as well as Delle Seyah.

Dutch and D’av confront Johnny to tell him they can’t save him.

He attacks them, and he breaks his neck in the process.  He doesn’t heal immediately, and Zeph realizes the parasite has to be connected to the spinal cord or it dies.

Delle Seyah has a choice to make:  try the experiment, see if it works, become human again, but save herself and the baby.

You’d think that’d be a no brainer, right?  Delle Seyah likes being Hullen too much, but eventually agrees to trying Zeph’s idea for the babies sake.

It works, turning her human again complete with feelings, to her dismay.

Talk about the find of the century.  Now the Killjoys can de Hullenize all the soldiers in the armada and use them against the Lady.

As long as the Green is frozen, no one can make more Hullen.  This might just be the advantage #TeamAwesomeForce and the rest of the Killjoys needs to win the war.  And it was all Zeph’s idea.

Back in the Green, there’s a major power struggle between the Lady (disguised as Klyen) and Aneela, who seems to be good?

With Aneela, you never know what she’s up to.

She seems to legitimately want to help Dutch though.  I guess she must have some kind of maternal instincts somewhere?  Yes? No, maybe?

With Johnny and Delle Seyah de-Hullenized, #TeamAwesomeForce starts to formulate a plan on how to defeat the Lady once and for all.

What was your favorite part of this Killjoys episode?  Let me know in the comments.