UnREAL (S04E06) “Tilt”

It’s hard to believe with this much chaotic drama that we aren’t at the finale yet! UnREAL is certainly determined to go out with a bang. Read below for my review of Episode 6, “Tilt”! As always, please beware of spoilers.

Everything starts to unravel as the contestants grow wary of Rachel’s (Shiri Appleby) manipulations. She’s gotten increasingly more sloppy as the season has progressed, as well as more delusional. Her quest for a ring has made the men wary, which makes her try harder to push her agenda. Being put through the ringer for drama is one thing, but no one asked for the sexual harassment. Again Rachel’s behaviour even stuns Quinn (Constance Zimmer), finally causing her to put her foot down and tell her she’s crossed a line. It only took you forever Quinn jeez. Unfortunately it’s much too late. Rachel is unhinged and everyone around her is suffering for it. It makes the whole production feel tainted.

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Source: Recap Guide/Hulu

The only person un-phased by Rachel’s actions is Candy (Natalie Hall). She shockingly became my favourite character of the season, standing up for what’s right regardless of any consequences that may come her way. She’s a spitfire and she makes sure everyone knows exactly who she is. She’s there to build a better life for her and her child by promoting her own show. She plays along with what production wants for the most part, but the second she notices things getting bad, she doesn’t stay silent. Its refreshing and sorely needed. No one has put the team on their toes in the way she does, and it’s fantastic. Candy is like the defender the Suitor’s and Suitress’ always needed. Its nice to see her vibe with August (Adam Demos), even if I personally find him icky as a character. If he makes her happy than good for her.