BelowDeckMed (S03E13) We Used to be friends

There’s stormy seas ahead tonight for our yachties on BelowDeckMed.

Jdouche continues living up to his name by using his background as a reason to go after Hannah.

Apparently she’s to blame for his growing up in a shitty country and every shitty thing that’s ever happened to him.

(At least that’s his reasoning.)

The crew go for a relatively tame night out, compared to last week.

Brooke had borrowed earrings and a cuff from Hannah, and one flew off, causing Hannah to freak out.

Jdouche called her materialistic for caring, and continued to talk about her in front of her, to Brooke.

Later that night, she and Conrad get into it because Conrad’s over the drama and just wants to get along.

Hannah confronts Brooke about Jdouche and she denies he was talking shit about her, even though it was on film and in front of her face.

The crew think it’ll be fun to spy on Hannah and Conrad over the CCTV:

The new charter guests come aboard, led by motivational speaker Daniel, who seems to talk in cliches only.


Because of the wind, Sandy doesn’t want to pull the yacht away from the dock.  That usually doesn’t fair well.

The group decides to tour the castle and asks for a Bloody Mary on the tender.

After last time, Hannah doesn’t want to go anywhere near the tender, so she loads everything and hands it to Colin and Conrad, who are escorting the guests.

The only problem is, she remembered everything but the vodka.  Oops.

The VODKA!  That’s not good, especially since the primary doesn’t drink beer.

Luckily, Daniel is one of the rare guests that actually drink water.  Who knew those people existed?

These guests are some of the easiest we’ve seen, and Brooke uses that opportunity to start to try to undermine Hannah, second questioning her orders, and talking back in general.

Brooke finally goes off on Hannah, accusing her of not doing any of the work but hogging all the glory.

Clearly, Brookes never worked in service before.  Or with multiple co workers, because that’s worked at every job I’ve ever had, honey.  Someone always takes the credit for others’ work, but you don’t see everything they do all the time.

Honestly, Brooke and Jdouche deserves each other.  They’re both miserable human beings and love taking their misery out on others.  Jdouche eggs Brooke on, especially since he hates Hannah.

Ugh.  I’m over it.

Bravo, next time, can we focus more on Jamie or Colin who actually seem to like doing their jobs and want to be on the ship?

Pretty please?

Tell me what you thought of tonight’s episode of BelowDeckMed.

Was Brooke right?  Is Hannah being lazy but taking all the glory?  Or does she do more things behind the scenes then we see?

Let me know what you think.