Preacher (S03E08) “The Tom/Brady”

Preacher is an enigma wrapped in insanity and tied with a bow. This episode comes complete with exploding clones, sexual harassment training and a deal with the devil himself. It is all unraveling, faith may not be able to help them this time. This is exactly the challenge Jesse (Dominic Cooper) is up to facing, all he needs is Genesis back.

It seems as though Gran’ma (Betty Buckley) has kept some impertinent information away from prying spectators. With a vendetta against Tulip (Ruth Negga), she is able to coerce Satan (Jason Douglas) into helping her once more. It will come at a price, with all roads leading to an eternal rest in hell. Death (Erinn Ruth)  is given the task of hunting down Tulip, but she doesn’t seem to be the brightest of the bunch.

preachers03e081 - Preacher (S03E08) “The Tom/Brady”
Featherstone and Tulip. The Dream Team. (Photo: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC)

The banter between Tulip and Featherstone keep the atmosphere light, with the huge task they have ahead of them. These two strong females not only butt heads, but they are able to achieve the impossible, together. They would make a great team if only Tulip didn’t want to kill her so badly. Although they are successful in their soul extraction, the O’Hare curse strikes again. Featherstone may meet her demise sooner than later.

Meanwhile, Jesse is at the mercy of the All-Father (Jonny Coyne), and his patience is starting to wear thin. Genesis doesn’t want to lose his host just yet, proving its point with the many gruesome deaths of “Humperdoo” (Tyson Ritter) clones. With one round successful, time isn’t on Jesse’s side. Herr Starr (Pip Torrens) will not stand up to his sadistic master, but something has to give. There is too much value in keeping Jesse alive. The All-Father must die.

On the vampirism side of things, Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) is starting to question Eccarius’s (Adam Croasdale) methods, especially when his own abilities haven’t been heightened. Hoover (Malcolm Barrett), the “well-meaning” Grail agent, get’s himself into a less than ideal situation. Death by bees or the mercy of eternal life, granted by Cassidy himself. The latter is obviously the better option if it wasn’t for Eccarius destroying each offspring.

preachers03e083 - Preacher (S03E08) “The Tom/Brady”
Cassidy. The Mentor. (Photo: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC)

As the story starts to open up, it is taking viewers on a strange and unusual journey.  You can’t help but wonder where the next round of mayhem will take them. Something big is coming for them all. Between the secrets, lies and misguided attempts of humanity, there is this nagging sensation that they are all just pawns in a much larger game.

Where are the hellish runaways in all of this? Ready to take the bus back to hell, with a few extra souls tagging along. Featherstone should never have messed with Tulip.

With only 5 episodes left in this season, we are sure to get answers and relief from some of the inner turmoil and conflict. Hopefully, the end result will bring the dastardly trio back together once more.

A new episode of Preacher airs sunday, august 19 on amc at 10/9c