Wynonna Earp (S03E04) “No Cure for Crazy”

Previously on Wynonna Earp…

Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) and the gang buried Dolls (Shamier Anderson) in a poignant episode that showcased the various forms of grief. Revenants stole Doll’s demon drugs. Doc (Tim Rozon) reunited with his wife, Kate (Chantel Riley), for some sexy time. And Wynonna told Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) about Mama Earp (Megan Follows). Finally.

Revenants, Vampires, And Moving Murder Trees, Oh My!

Wynonna Earp kicks off with a runaway revenant. Wynonna and Doc shortly behind, bantering about stamina and all night activities. Fortunately for our heroes, a tree shuffles in front of the revenant and knocks him on his back. Unfortunately, Peacemaker doesn’t work because it’s out of bullets. You would think for a supernatural gun that kills demons, it would have unlimited ammo. But nope, it has the same earthly needs of every other gun.

WE S03E04 Robin licks the bloody murder tree - Wynonna Earp (S03E04) "No Cure for Crazy"
Life Lessons: Season 2-Don’t touch the goo! Season 3-Don’t lick blood from murder trees.
source: IDW Entertainment distribution/SyFy network

Somewhere else in the forest, Park Ranger Robin (Justin Kelly) discovers a bleeding tree. My initial thought was, “Dude, don’t touch the goo. Amateur move.” But when he pulls his fingers back, it’s blood red. Just to confirm, Robin licks it because obviously that’s the best way to test it. Not sniffing for the metallic smell associated with blood. Or just trusting your gut instinct that it feels like sticky blood on my finger so it must be blood.

As much as this is a dumb move, I appreciate when characters make poor choices because you hope it pays off later and this one does.

Domestic WayHaught Strolls Murder Tree Lane

In some other part of the forest, Waverly and Nicole (Katherine Barrell) discuss Nicole’s “unkillable gay” super power. Somehow, 6 year old Nicole was already in a canoe down at the river before the attack. It leads to a couple questions: Who knew about the attack prior and why did they save Nicole? Either way, BBD burned down the forest to hide the truth of the massacre.

WE S03E04 Nicole thinks Waverly is cute - Wynonna Earp (S03E04) "No Cure for Crazy"
I can’t control my heart eyes when you make adorably incorrect sports analogies.
source: IDW Entertainment distribution/SyFy network

Waverly suggests Nicole talk to her parents, which she deflects back to Waverly to talk to Mama Earp and Waverly re-deflects with a well-tried sports analogy. Robin pops out of the woods, in need of a ride and Sheriff Nedley. In another moment of poor character choices, Nicole decides to throw Bulshar’s ring into the snowy wilderness, shortly after telling Waverly she was waiting for the perfect hiding spot. Nicole’s smart so I can’t fathom why she thinks this is a good idea but I also wouldn’t want to hold onto a cursed demon ring either. However, there’s no way this won’t come back and bite the gang in the butt later.

Flirty Banter and Group Hugs

Jeremy (Varun Saranga) attempts to figure out why the forest is growing so fast, but Wynonna and Doc interrupt with their revenant prisoner. Wynonna, in an amazing Doc impression, informs Nicole she ran out of bullets and are here to retrieve more. Doc and Wynonna flirt and Jeremy compliments Doc’s glowing skin.

Wynonna confronts Nicole’s survivor status and Waverly is all “No more secrets, remember?” In the lobby, Robin fills out paperwork for Sheriff Nedley (Greg Lawson), who questions it when it hilariously reads, “Woods. Help.” Nedley’s face screams “I’m tired of this nonsense” but we’ll get to that.

WE S03E04 WynWayHaught Group Hug - Wynonna Earp (S03E04) "No Cure for Crazy"
“Boob smoosh” = WynWayHaught Group Hug
source: IDW Entertainment distribution/SyFy network

Back in BBD’s offices, Nicole fires back about Wynonna hiding Mama Earp. Obviously the WynHaught love from last episode didn’t transfer to this week but Waverly won’t have it. She forces them to bond and then proceeds to pull them into a group hug.

Doc interrupts this WynWayHaught moment to reveal the safe is empty and they no longer have access to BBD supply drops. Since BBD isn’t funding their operation, they have no money for phones so Waverly pulls out their old flip phones for her and her sister. Wynonna and Nicole promptly request all texts and photos from Champ be deleted and rightfully so. Also, 2nd episode in a row where Champ is brought up. Will we see the return of Dylan Koroll? Maybe as a replacement for Lonnie and to drive Wynonna/Nicole crazy with his inadequacy. That’ll be a true test of patience.

Mama Earp Returns with Style

Doc leaves to Shorty’s to search for bullets. Before Wynonna follows him, she checks in with Waverly about visiting Mama. She’s not quite ready. Wynonna gives Waverly files on Mama she can peruse and lets her know Mama is doing better.

WE S03E04 Mama writes bloody message - Wynonna Earp (S03E04) "No Cure for Crazy"
source: IDW Entertainment distribution/SyFy network

In a great cut, we’re in a padded cell with a bloody woman banging on the door, shouting for help. There’s Mama talking about going too far and never getting out. In fact, she writes “Never ever get out” in blood on her padded wall. It’s super creepy and ominous.

WynDoc’s Flirty Banter Continues

Doc has no bullets in Shorty’s and Wynonna wonders if Doc has gold fillings or dirty pictures of his junk to sell for some cash. Doc brings up girls washing cars in very little clothing. It seems Doc’s night with Kate has revitalized him because WynDoc agree they would watch each other do degrading things. Wynonna would make it rain on him in a bachelor auction and Doc would stand out in the rain to watch her lather his car. There’s so much sexual tension in this scene.

Of course, the tension has always existed because there’s Alice. Wynonna finds a crib Doc made before she made her decision to send Alice to safety.

Flashback to Mama Earp and Wynonna 7 years ago

They sit at the table with this horrible red lighting on them. Follows continues her crazy performance of Mama Earp as she rambles on and on about this demon (assuming Bulshar) rising again and enslaving people. But 7 years ago Wynonna is tired of this same old rambling and she’s here to say goodbye. She’s leaving Purgatory for Greece, leaving Waverly with Gus and Curtis to Mama’s distraught dismay. 

Mama makes Wynonna promise to hide her whereabouts from Waverly. Then, she tells Wynonna to not come back ever again in what appears to be a moment of clarity. Obviously hurt, Wynonna handles it in her own Wynonna way and says, “No problem,” before storming off.

WE S03E04 Nicole interruptus - Wynonna Earp (S03E04) "No Cure for Crazy"
Finally! Nicole gets a little revenge. Still not even.
source: IDW Entertainment distribution/SyFy network

Wynonna fears she is exactly like her mother by abandoning her own daughter. But Doc reassures her that she’s not. They kiss briefly before Nicole finally gets revenge and interrupts them. She says she’s sorry but she’s not. We all know she’s not. Anyways, Nicole’s here because Nedley needs Wynonna back at the Sheriff’s department to meet the new city manager and fight for their department. Budgets can be such a pain when you’re trying to fight the good fight.

Waverly Assists Jeremy with Finding His Own Unicorn

Jeremy worries about their jobs, but Waverly thinks he needs a break. Specifically, he should try to find his own unicorn. To quote Waverly in Season 1: “Small town. Limiting dating options.” Which is the case for Jeremy who’s the only dude on Tinder for 50 miles. According to him, Waverly got lucky with Nicole.

WE S03E04 Jeremy meets Robin - Wynonna Earp (S03E04) "No Cure for Crazy"
Hi, I’m Jeremy. I have vegan snacks and I’m the only unicorn on Tinder within 50 miles.
source: IDW Entertainment distribution/SyFy network

Unicorn alert! Robin walks in about his “Woods. Help” problem and Waverly’s matchmaker game plan is immediately leave Jeremy alone with him. Jeremy tries to halt her about her supposed nail polish allergy  but to no avail. Now he must entertain Robin with his vegan snacks.

Waverly exits BBD offices with a smug smirk on her face. But Waverly accidentally grabbed Wynonna’s old flip phone and when she answers the ringing phone, it’s the Ghost River Institute calling about Mama. There’s been another incident and they’re transferring Mama Earp. Waverly’s earlier desire to prolong visiting Mama has vanished because if she doesn’t visit now, she’ll most likely never see Mama again. Quick side note: that lady on the phone clearly hates her job. Her tone reflects annoyed exhaustion and she can’t even muster up enough fake sympathy for an emergency contact.

Inside the BBD offices, Jeremy and Robin hit it off over tree puns, vegan sticks and Waverly being the best person. They talk about the murder tree and in nerdy Jeremy fashion, he sets up their first date by having Robin show him the murder tree.

Waverly Earp: Are you an Angel or a Demon?
WE S03E04 Waverly visits Mama - Wynonna Earp (S03E04) "No Cure for Crazy"
She legitimately looks like an angel. Or the sweetest demon I’ve ever met.
source: IDW Entertainment distribution/SyFy network

I’d like to pause and take this moment to point out that Waverly has been wearing this white, semi see-through shirt. She looks like an angel. But Mama Earp looks at her, seems to be okay but suddenly flips out, threatening to kill her youngest daughter. Waverly tries to calm her but the guard takes out his taser to put down Mama, which Waverly tries to prevent. As Mama Earp falls to the ground, she rambles about needing to kill the demon.  Does that mean Mama sees the demon as Waverly? Only she knows who’s Waverly’s biological father.

Also, I’ve been looking forward to this scene ever since Mama Earp was revealed to be alive. I didn’t know what to expect about Mama but Follows’ performance and her unraveling storyline continue to surprise me each week. Despite her initial hesitance on seeing Mama, Waverly appears shocked yet happy to see her again before things go downhill. Unfortunately, this whole visit isn’t going to help Waverly’s identity crisis.

Back to Murder Tree Lane
WE S03E04 Jeremy WTF in murder tree lane - Wynonna Earp (S03E04) "No Cure for Crazy"
Why did I think this was a brilliant first date idea? How unkillable am I?
source: IDW Entertainment distribution/SyFy network

It appears the Unkillable Gay Squad has decided Murder Tree Lane is the place to be. First, Nicole and Waverly are taking a stroll down memory lane. Now, Jeremy and Robin are on their first date, searching for a bloody tree. This is definitely the episode where characters make questionable choices all around. Robin and Jeremy chat the standard “getting to know you” info until Robin thought the tree was suppose to be nearby and Jeremy realizes he could potentially be murdered by the only other gay guy within 50 miles.

At the Sheriff’s department, Nedley’s meeting with the new city manager is going poorly. The city manager mentions cuts. Nedley lost a deputy to vampires so he’s down to one: Nicole. Plus he babysits a cross-border task force that’s not on his payroll, has no budget or money, and is now led by Purgatory’s black sheep. He informs the city manager that Wynonna’s been deputized, which Wynonna makes semi-worse by stating her involvement in a cross-border task force. If she’s a Marshall, the city manager expects rent and paychecks signed by the Justice Department. Oh man, is he in for a surprise!

The Heroes Purgatory Needs But Not The ONes They Can Afford

After the city manager leaves, Nedley warns Wynonna that their department could be shut down. Wynonna legitimately tells Nedley to grow a pair and demand the city fund the Sheriff’s department so they can continue to be the heroes Purgatory needs. But Nedley is tired and he’s been playing this game far too long.

WE S03E04 Wynonna and Nicole two shot - Wynonna Earp (S03E04) "No Cure for Crazy"
Make Nicole Sheriff 2k18 – It’s everybody’s thing.
source: IDW Entertainment distribution/SyFy network

In a two-shot with Wynonna in the foreground and Nicole in the background, Wynonna tells Nedley that maybe it’s time to step aside. She suggests he let someone else take over who still has some fight left as she stares out his office window at Nicole, dutifully doing paperwork. It’s a grand moment of foreshadowing. Those sneak peeks of Nicole in a tie feels like this opportunity might arise soon. It’ll continue the interesting dynamic between Wynonna and Nicole as they’d be leaders in their respective departments but have a habit of pulling in opposite directions.

Wynonna exits to comfort sad Waverly while Nedley eyes Nicole in deep consideration.  In the BBD office, Waverly, shaken by her Mama encounter, searches through her files. She needs a reason behind Mama’s irrational behavior. Wynonna apologizes for not being fully honest about Mama’s whereabouts, but Waverly reveals Mama wants to kill her. In fact, she’s actually tried.  Nobody, not even Mama Earp, tries to kill Waverly without facing the wrath of Wynonna. She’s out the door without any explanation.

Back Again to Murder Tree Lane

Of course, this date is going real well. Robin tries to rationalize that he wouldn’t make up a bleeding tree. Jeremy can’t believe his luck that the only available guy in Purgatory is most likely a murderer. Robin eyes him like, “Are you available?” but at the same time, “Are you a murderer?” All valid questions when strolling around Murder Tree Lane.

Sexy fog returns! Just kidding. No, it’s creepy fog and Jeremy’s phone compass spins. These two are lost and Robin isn’t a real Park Ranger. He’s actually a jazz historian, who lost a child during a field trip and hates camping.

Suddenly, stairs appear in the middle of the forest. Because that’s perfectly normal, Robin begins to climb them. Jeremy pulls him off because his gut tells him this is not a stairwell to heaven. In fact, it feels like a stairwell to hell. Jeremy decides it’s time to call Doc.

Mama Earp is Crazy and Resourceful
WE S03E04 Mama holds Peacemaker - Wynonna Earp (S03E04) "No Cure for Crazy"
I’m the original crazy chick with a gun
source: IDW Entertainment distribution/SyFy network

Wynonna rains hell fire upon Mama Earp as she’s escorted out of the institute. The gist of it: Don’t touch Waverly or I’ll kill you. Mama Earp drops to her knees and apologizes but not for Waverly. She steals Peacemaker but Wynonna points out she can’t fire the gun. Mama Earp can’t shoot it but she can swing it like a bat and knock the Warden down. Mama forces the other guard to give up his gun and handcuff keys while Wynonna watches her escape.

Wynonna informs the Warden to go after her, but he refuses. Instead, he locks her up for aiding her escape. It’s been two years and I’m still sore about the election but the reference to “Lock her up” and “But her emails…” was enjoyable.

You Get Emotional Baggage, You Get Emotional Baggage…We All get Emotional Baggage
WE S03E04 Nicole comforts Waverly after Mama - Wynonna Earp (S03E04) "No Cure for Crazy"
Is that an ethereal glow behind Waverly? Or just pure WayHaught love?
source: IDW Entertainment group/SyFy network

Nicole comforts Waverly about Mama’s demon ramblings. Because she knows Waverly, she provides her with facts straight from the arson report. Mama Earp suffered a psychological break, tried to burn down the barn, and was shut away from society for it. Waverly can’t comprehend how someone can get into that much trouble for burning their own barn but they don’t have much to go on since the rest of the report was pulled.

At that moment, Nedley pokes in and reveals it was he. He pulled the report. Even worse, Mama Earp didn’t go to prison for arson but because she burned down the barn with Waverly in it.

At Murder Tree Lane, Doc arrives to save Robin and Jeremy from the creepy staircase, creepy fog and creepy woods. Doc doesn’t need a compass. He’s a natural tracker and all he needs is Jeremy to describe his surrounding. This moment is comical. You have Doc, who can be described as the ideal masculine man, and then there’s these two nerdy guys, who agreed their idea of glamping was some Italian terrace. Jeremy sees snow and trees, which is everywhere. The ground is flat. None of this helps Doc.

WE S03E04 Doc scared in the woods - Wynonna Earp (S03E04) "No Cure for Crazy"
I’m a haunted shell of a man and I’m on my way to make poor choices.
source: IDW Entertainment distribution/SyFy network

Doc hangs up when he hears a baby’s cry. It unsettles Doc. As he travels further, the sounds of Hell engulfs him and then, Bulshar appears. He tells Doc that he’ll be doing his bidding. He threatens him with the pains of Hell or even better, he offers him reprieve from his potential return to Hell. Bulshar wants something and he clearly plans to use Doc to retrieve it.

Thankfully, Jeremy pulls him out of his nightmarish delusion. Unfortunately, Doc lies about his encounter with Bulshar. And now the staircase is gone.

Not the Biggest Surprise: The Warden and his Guards are Crooked

Wynonna peruses Mama Earp’s ominous message of “Never ever getting out” and Wynonna decides “Not today, Satan.” Of course, Wynonna’s earlier mention of her cross-border task force has come to bite her in the butt. As we were told last season, BBD never existed according to government records. The warden is terrible at his crooked behavior, but don’t worry, Revenant Guard will handle it. Obviously, Mama Earp killed Wynonna.

Nedley tells WayHaught the story of Mama Earp’s arrest. He found Waverly covered in soot and Mama was in the back seat of Ward’s police cruiser. Nedley reveals Mama Earp didn’t seem to be herself that night and was rambling about trying to vanquish a demon. Waverly confirms Mama thought the demon was her. For Nedley, this explains Ward’s interpretation of the occult stuff Ward found. Nedley took Ward’s word and booked Michelle as he was told.

WE S03E04 Nedley guilty - Wynonna Earp (S03E04) "No Cure for Crazy"
source: IDW Entertainment distribution/SyFy network

Lawson is amazing in this scene because you can see the regret and burden Nedley’s held onto since that night. He’s done everything he could to make this right. I love this scene because Nedley is shown to be a good small town sheriff. Yes, he released Tucker, but he plays ball with town politics while giving Nicole a folder on Tucker’s bad behavior. He leads with Purgatory citizens in mind. To erase the majority of an arrest record to save his own reputation, it’s a delicious sight because he’s morally compromised and locked away a woman based on her husband’s words, no questions asked.

Waverly’s right. Evil certainly does wear many faces. Just ask Mercedes.

Wynonna Doesn’t Need Peacemaker to Kill Revenants

Revenant Guard thinks he’s about to extinguish the Earp line, but hate to break it to him, Wynonna had an Heir. Apparently not all revenants heard about the baby. Unfortunately for Revenant Guard, Wynonna intends to break this curse and relieve Alice from Earp Heir duties. After a #MeToo quip, Wynonna kicks revenant butt and proceeds to use her handcuffs to rip Revenant Guard’s head clean off his body.

WE S03E04 Wynonna kills Revenant guard - Wynonna Earp (S03E04) "No Cure for Crazy"
She can’t send him to Hell but she can take off his head with handcuffs.
source: IDW Entertainment distribution/SyFy network

She returns his head to the warden. She quips away while he unlocks her handcuffs and hands over his car keys. The warden decides his next best move is call Waverly a demon. I wish Wynonna ripped off his head too, but he’s not a revenant, just a crooked warden.

First Rule, Robin: Don’t Touch the Goo!

Back at the BBD offices, Jeremy and Robin look over their pictures, but there’s only mist, no staircase. Jeremy realizes the staircase was a shared delusion but not a problem, this whole delusional thing doesn’t put a damper on the mood. Robin suggests bowling next time with vegan nachos. Unfortunately, major side effect of tasting blood from trees: you cough up dirt. You know that payoff I was talking about when characters make dumb choices? Well it’s coming and this was just a little taste.

Domestic WayHaught listen to Mama Earp’s tapes from her therapy sessions. Waverly sits in front of the fire, listening to Mama discuss birds. The therapist broaches the topic of family but no, she likes her padded cell and doesn’t wish to see her daughters. Unfortunately, Waverly doesn’t notice the vibrating phone on the table, most likely Wynonna trying to warn them of Mama’s impending arrival. From the kitchen, Nicole brings over comfort tea.

Doc Spirals so That Calls for The Good Whiskey
WE S03E04 Doc drinks whiskey - Wynonna Earp (S03E04) "No Cure for Crazy"
Current life motto: “I do not care much about being sober right now.”
source: IDW Entertainment distribution/SyFy network

Doc barges in, searching for the good whiskey. He’s haunted and distressed. It’s in the barn and in his current state, Waverly insists she grabs it. While Doc tries to relax with bad whiskey, he hears a 3rd voice on the tapes, but Nicole only hears two. Doc declares that they won’t be enough. Doc definitely needs whiskey because he’s starting to sound like a rambling Mama Earp and her demon talk. Again, the phone on the table vibrates but nobody seems to notice.

Waverly discovers Mama in the barn, setting up candles (oh great more arson!) in a pentagram. With her hair down and wild, Mama Earp looks like she’s breaking down. She tells Waverly to go, but it’s too late. The demon is here. Waverly asks if it’s her. Thankfully, the demon isn’t Waverly but it’s definitely here and it’s creepy as hell. Provost-Chalkley’s scream sells it.  I may or may not have jumped a little when the camera flipped around to reveal scary demon creature.

And now here’s our Robin pay off. Robin notices a growing garden outside his home and in a continuation of poor choices, he inspects it without staying alert. Immediately he’s dragged away by some creepy vine that seems to come straight out of Stranger Things Upside Down world. I hope we see more of Robin. I like him and Jeremy. But also if he lives, I don’t trust him. Obviously, he’s possessed by bloody tree demon.

Welcome to Purgatory, Zoie Palmer!
WE S03E04 WayHaught crazy eyes - Wynonna Earp (S03E04) "No Cure for Crazy"
WayHaught crazy eyes and cupcakes? Sure sign me up!
source: IDW Entertainment distribution/SyFy network

Wynonna peels into the Homestead because nobody’s answering their phone and Mama escaped prison with murder on her mind. However, she returns to the strangest scene ever. WayHaught and Doc sit around a table of sweets, way too content after today’s nightmare of events.

Thankfully, Jolene (Zoie Palmer) showed up because they spoon feed Wynonna this nonsense story of how Mama attacked Waverly but Jolene, with her creep smile, saved the day. And then Jolene force feeds Wynonna a brownie and everything gets more loony. Wynonna wants more and Jolene reveals a demon is after Waverly. The gang give the best facial expressions to this piece of information. Jolene assures them everything is fine because Wynonna can defeat the demon when it arrives.

I’m saying it now: Jolene is a demon witch and is fattening them up so she can eat them like in Hansel and Gretel.

After the last 2 heartbreaking episodes, this episode is fun but provides some interesting back story for the supporting cast. With Mama Earp out of prison, I’m looking forward to the Earp family reunion in next week’s episode, which is Friday on SyFy at 9 p.m. Eastern.