Real Housewives of New York City (RHONY) (S10E19) Life’s a Cabaret

On the season finale of RHONY:

Lu’s cabaret has it’s opening night, and it’s every bit as over the top as we’d hoped.

Dorinda gets pissed that John wasn’t invited (though she technically never asked him to be)

Lu looks and sounds fabulous as she struts her stuff on stage with her assorted guests, (including Sonja, who has a major wardrobe malfunction)

Everything would’ve been perfect, except for one thing:


The morning before the show, Dorinda had asked if John could come.

Talk about last minute, right?

Lu gets pissed at her waiting til last minute, and for her not wishing her good luck, and tells her no.

So how does Carole fit into this?

Carole and Dorinda meet at Tinsley’s penthouse before the show.  Tinsley finds out about John, which makes her worried because the same time Lu turned Dorinda down, she called Tinsley and said she was sorry for not including Scott and said he’d be more than welcome.

Interesting timing, right?

So Tinsley asks Carole if she should tell Dorinda, and of course Carole says yes.

But Tinsley being the queen of bad timing, tells her right before the show starts, leaving a fuming Dorinda watching and plotting Lu’s demise the whole show, especially since, once again, she doesn’t seem to get the credit she thinks she deserves for a “favor” she did for a friend.

Come on now.

We know by now Dorinda’s favors are like the Godfathers.  Once she offers, you owe her your first born, a thank you parade, and a thank you note written in calligraphy in your own blood.

So the whole show Dorinda’s throwing daggers at Lu, just waiting to pounce.

At the after party, Carole and Bethenny finally sit down and have a discussion about life.  Right in the middle of it, Ramona comes up and barges in like a trainwreck in typical Ramona fashion.

Bethenny, completely turned off, like any normal person would be, tells her to back off and let them finish.

Ramona being Ramona, can’t handle not being included in everything and has to get her say in.

Yeah, this will go well.

In typical Ramona fashion, she completely gets shut down and takes offense to it, even though it was clearly wrong place, wrong time, (which by now we all know is the Real Housewives motto)

She chooses that moment to confront Bethenny about not attending her skin care (ie TRu Renewal REvival) pre launch party.)

Watch here:

At the same party, Dorinda’s pouting beside Lu, and Bethenny asks her what’s going on.  She tries to get to the bottom of everything, and acts like the middle man between them.


Let me know what you thought of the RHONY season finale.  What a ride this season’s been!  I think it’s the first season I haven’t been ready for it to be over with.  Even though Carole and Dorinda drove me nuts, I laughed my butt off all season.   Even Ramona grew on me this season.  My MVP was definitely Sonja.  She’s come so far in just a few years and is living her best life.  She’s such an inspiration.  Bethenny handled everything like a boss.  LuAnn, I hope, takes what happened to her seriously and takes staying sober as seriously as she did her cabaret.  What was you guys’ rose and thorn?  Let me know in the comments below.