Salvation (S02E07) “The Madness of King Tanz”

The Tanz regime begins

The effect of the death of President Mackenzie

With Darius Tanz (Santiago Cabrera) the President of the United States of America, everything seems to be coming all at once. With her death’s circumstances as suspicious and anonymous as that of Monroe, they still know nothing. President Darius is driven by anger and grief, POTUS decides that ReSyst is their enemy and were involved in Mackenzie’s (Tovah Feldshuh) death.  Darius’s mission, to shoot down the ICBM using the rail gun. Once Liam (Charlie Rowe) realises this, he tries to reason with Darius. But with President Darius being a shadow of who he once was, has Liam arrested.

Detective Carter and Grace’s relationship

Grace (Jennifer Finnigan) broken by the death of President Mackenzie ends up hooking up with a concerned Alonzo Carter (Ashley Thomas). The relationship between Grace and Alonzo is becoming more and more dangerous. Grace is playing with fire, but she is somewhat doing it on purpose. But when Alonzo finds out who has been arrested and charged with his sister, Claire’s murder, Grace feels the burn of the fire. Grace comes home and finds him in her house. Alonzo tells Grace how he is going to have the accused, her father, murdered. Grace opens up and tells him the truth and breaks down, she slides her gun across the kitchen counter and tells him to serve the justice himself. Alonzo empties the clip in the cupboard behind her and leaves.

A sleeper agent that fell in love

After a long day of getting nowhere, Secretary of Defence Harris Edwards (Ian Anthony Dale) goes to unwind with girlfriend Fiona (Taylor Cole). Only to find out the scar behind her ear, the same place this unknown organization places an implant. After questioning her, Fiona tells Harris that she knows nothing and that it was before she fell for him. Harris disregards it and tells the doctor to remove the implant, no anaesthetic. The women Harris’ has now slept with: Claire and Fiona, he knows how to pick them.

Deceit is constant

Alycia (Melia Kreiling) tells Jillian (Jacqueline Byers) if they release Liam they will shut down the ICBM. Which as we find out, is a lie.

Thoughts about Episode 8:

  • With Aguirre now on his way, will things change?
  • Where is President Tanz? Why did he go?
  • With the threat of ReSyst dropping the ICBM on New York if President Tanz doesn’t turnover the Railgun, and Tanz missing, what is going to happen now?

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