Salvation (S02E08) “Abre Sus Ojos”


Raul Aguirre arrives

With the long-awaited arrival of Raul Aguirre, things seem to be on the up. But is it? Aguirre doesn’t speak a word of English and resembles a drunk. Raul writes a formula for nanotech which Liam (Charlie Rowe) uses and sprays it on the sail. With an elaborate, yet somewhat dangerous, showing – Raul proved to everyone there that his nanotech works. After a drink with Liam, he ends up showing his true identity to Liam. As it turns out, Raul Aguirre is Darius Tanz (Santiago Cabrera). It was his alter ego for areas outside his expertise. He hands Liam the flash drive to shut down Tess and allow the Railgun to shoot down the ICBM.

The search for President Tanz continues

Secretary of Defence (Ian Anthony Dale) tells a room of top officials that POTUS is missing. He also stresses that this information will not leave the room or you will be charged with treason. Harris fears this shadow organisation has taken Darius and that Darius’ life is in danger. It is also mentioned that with Darius gone and the railgun on track on fire along with the nuclear threat from ReSyst – how will The White House prevent this.


Harris and Grace (Jennifer Finnigan), along with the FBI, use Fiona (Taylor Cole) as bait to find out who this shadow organization is. After following them back to their offsite base of operations and apprehending them, it seems they have found out the truth. Q17, Harris says it’s a private CIA, they’re ghosts unless you know someone who knows them. It turns out Q17 never took Darius. One of the operatives warned them that Q17 has eyes everywhere, and when they see all the operatives in DC alone, this seems credible.

A hero’s death

With Dr Rosetta Stendahl (Anjali Jay) locked out of the system and unable to stop the railgun firing, it is all on Liam. Liam outs Darius as Aguirre to Alycia (Melia Kreiling). Liam did this as a misdirect to give him the chance to plug the flash drive into Tess and shut her down. With Croft trying to stop Liam and ending up with the flash drive on the floor downstairs. Alycia threatens to kill Croft if he doesn’t hand over the drive, Croft sacrifices his life to give Liam the chance to shut down Tess. Liam successfully shuts down Tess and the Railgun takes out the ICBM. Liam frees Darius and it seems that their friendship might be repaired.

Thoughts on Episode 9:

  • FBI Director Davis getting a lot of screentime lately, I wonder if there is any substance to this. With Q17 having eyes everywhere, what if she is one of them?
  • With ReSyst and Alycia having fled, how will they stop Sampson?
  • The cult-like group Jillian seems to be involved with, what is their end game? What are they here for?

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