Shooter (S03E08) “The Red Badge”


Bama Snr’s truth

After things went sideways with Bama Jr (Eric Laden) and Sam Vincent (David Andrews). Bama Snr (Gerald McRaney) decides to include his son in ATLAS. He takes his son to one of ATLAS’ locations for their soon-to-be agents, although this didn’t bode well with the ATLAS brass. Speaking to another important ATLAS member, truths begin to unravel. We learn that ATLAS has been involved from the begging: The assassination of the Ukraine President which lead to framing Bob Lee (Ryan Phillippe) and lead to this. Also, it turns out that Bama Snr’s initiation into ATLAS was murdering Earl Swagger. Ultimately, they leave Bama Snr with an impossible task – to kill his son. With a broken heart, he does so.

Bob Lee finds it

Julie (Shantel VanSanten) reminds Bob Lee how much Earl (Derek Phillips) loved work. Bob Lee and the Sheriff decide to go over Earl’s old cases before his murder. Earl’s case files lead them to a Police Records Wharehouse, where they find the tapes.

A double agent

After Carlita (Felisha Terrell) puts out a post to meet with the ATLAS operative, she bargains her life for the Godbox. Saying how when this ends she wants to be on the right side. Carlita tells the operative to give her 72 hours.

The new Chief Justice Raymond Brooks

In a flashback to Vietnam, Major Raymond Brooks is introduced, a new member of Earl’s team sent forth by ATLAS. After Earl and Brooks getting into an argument over Brooks killing an innocent civilian, Earl decided it was time. He had been following the career of Major Brooks, a career which quietly began as a DA. Now we see the Head of ATLAS Andrew Gold, appoint their own man in as the new Chief Justice. ATLAS now has all its’ pieces in place. ATLAS is ready to execute its plan.

A father to Bob Lee

The episode ends with Bob Lee coming back to the hospital, somewhat happy as they have Earl’s tapes. But, he is met with the news that Sam has passed away. Bob Lee shares a moment alone with Sam, where he opens up emotionally as we don’t often see with him.

Thoughts on Episode 9:

  • With all ATLAS’ pieces in place, what is their plan?
  • With the team now in possession of the tapes, what are they going to do with it? How are they going to stop ATLAS?
  • Carlita made a deal to hand over the Godbox to ATLAS, is she really going to turn her back on the team?

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