Alterna Comics: The XII (Issue 04)

Okay guys, so the new issue preview for The XII is literally and I mean literally a fantastic read, its something that should always be picked up when it comes out cause this issue of the XII really dives deep into the back story of our characters which is interesting!

So might I say that I really love back stories especially when they reveal much about how things went down for our main characters in the city area and why they had to escape. Now before this issue we all thought that Caleb our main character was the bad guy by supposedly raping, enslaving and impregnating Annabelle but thats not the case at all. The fact is that Caleb and Annabelle were both slaves in the city who fell in love and wanted out of the hell hole of a life so they chose to run away with their new best friend Hank. Now it doesn’t exactly explain how Hank became a part of The XII; but it explains how they came across them and how Hank and Caleb were the only survivors. But it makes me wonder if Hank was really was working with The XII this whole entire time hard to say without reading the next issue but it makes me excited for the final issue!

Now we saw in this issue the back story of fifteen years ago when Annabelle first found out she was pregnant with Caleb’s oldest, which we all know the fate of that kid still sad he had to die. Just knowing what went down it makes me excited for all you readers to be able to pick up this issue and read it for yourself, literally you all will be excited to read this issue. There’s one thing for sure is The XII does not disappoint readers at all!

Patrick Trahey, has done another great issue in writing such a great story in general! I’m really becoming a fan of his writing and I think even after this comic series that I’ll be following his work. The back story that he’s created in this issue is literally amazing! A lot of comic book artists and creators never get a lot of credit, but all credit leads to the story, cause if the story doesn’t get good then why continue it; but in this case the story is amazing and I love every issue that gets released.

Luis Suarez, does another amazing job penciling, inking, and doing all art for the amazing series; like how I said a lot of comic artists don’t get a lot of credit but the credit is due here. Thank You Luis Suarez for giving us a comic book of amazing imagery, and amazing color, and giving us your depiction of the characters that Trahey has created for us. It’s all amazing work and I can’t wait to see what is drawn up next.

A lot of comic artists do this work so that they can hope to inspire newer generations to do their work one day in their lives and I am hoping to be one of those people after all this series has inspired me to want to create amazing stories myself. And drawing them up, and working in the steps of comic creators before me!

For anyone who is wanting to pick up Issue 04 at your local comic book shop it will be available by September 5, 2018

Next Issue: Alterna Comics: The XII (05) late Ocober