Marvel: Infinity Wars (Issue 02)

So just when I thought the first issue was crazy and amazing, the newest issue is even more crazier; the good thing is that one death that happened during the first issue yeah it was rewritten to not happen in issue 2, which thank god but like they always say magic even for the sorcerer supreme has a price and they sure did have a huge price which made me cry, I gotta say guys and gals this series is gonna have a ton and I mean a ton of death in it and it’s so sad.

So back in the first issue evil, soulless Gamora had killed Star Lord with the sword that is infused with the power stone, in this issue Doctor Strange had the time stone so he was able to reverse the damage done by Gamora but just barely. But like how we all know in any case wither its the Marvel Universe or some wacky Disney story magic always has a price and yes Doctor Strange paid for it  but so did Drax which sucks. Now in this issue Gamora managed to get not just the power stone, but the time stone, mind stone, reality stone, soul stone and space stone; yes Gamora now has all six stones what will she use them for no one knows except her and apparently the spirit of Thanos speaking to Gamora’s mind. But before Gamora could go through with the long term plan she had to fuse the rest of her soul from the soul stone back to herself but it didn’t do anything. She thought for the longest time that it would’ve brought the compassionate side back to her but she was wrong.

Now Gamora has to face off against the Avengers, but because Captain Marvel owed a favor to Gamora a long time ago she came to collect to try to save her soul from the dark path that Thanos always knew she would go on. Now that Gamora has her whole self back, what will she do with Loki? I wonder if Loki will die, that would just be irony cause his initial goal is to steal the stones from Gamora but now that Gamora has the stones if she wanted to she could snap those fingers, but we will have to wait and see what happens next. The Avengers and the Time Keepers both had major loss on their sides in this issue and I have a feeling that by the time this event ends they are going to either reinvent new stories for the Avengers again or there will be consequences for what happens just like how things ended up in the Infinity Gauntlet storyline.

All I can say is that I’m glad that Marvel has recreated the Infinity Wars with this new short story series cause not only does it make a story that is long over due happen but they actually do it with style and I like that. Sure a lot of the deaths will most likely hit soft spots of my heart because those certain characters are my favorites but we will have to see! So far I’m really loving what Gerry Duggan is doing with the story and it’s an amazing story, the next issue is going to be even more insane I can sense it from how this issue ended. Its like every issue makes you want to read more and its amazing!

Marvel: Infinity Wars (Issue 02) is available right now at your local comic book shop!

Next Issue: Marvel: Infinity Wars (Issue 03) will be available in September