Glitch Renewed for Season 3

Fans of the series Glitch, no longer have to wonder about the fate of the show. Revealed through a cryptic video, a third season will be coming in 2019.

The last episode of the second season brought more questions than answers, hopefully, this can be resolved in the upcoming season. Glitch has become quite the hidden gem on Netflix, bringing something fantastical and memorable to the screen.

With bold, terrifying and mind-bending storylines, the sleepy town of Yoorana comes to life. If you have yet to check this show out, two seasons are waiting for you. There are only 6 episodes in each season, so you have plenty of time to catch up. It’s well worth the watch, and the wait.


For those of you wanting to know more about the show; Glitch is a supernatural mystery, created for Australian television and then released on Netflix. It is based in a small town in Australia, which has given into mundane life. Only to be home of the newly resurrected dead, who have no recollection of their own deaths. It’s an intriguing story that keeps you wanting more.

What is to become of the remaining risen? When death seems to be around every bend, and trust hard to decipher, no one is safe. This series is good at lulling the viewer into a false sense of security, then altering the dire outlook. This new season should be killer.