Shooter (S03E09) “Alpha Dog”


Revenge laden journey

Bob Lee (Ryan Phillippe) and Isaac (Omar Epps) are at similar points in their lives. Isaac joined Nadine (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) to take down ATLAS for vengeance after his wife’s murder. Bob Lee is beating guys up trying to find Bama Jnr so that he can take his revenge on him. But Bama Jnr is dead. Bob Lee’s marriage is falling apart. Bob Lee has been out of the Marines for a while now, but after all these crusades, one thinks that he needs this to stay sane. The journey for vengeance and revenge is never an easy one. Bob Lee ends up being led to the Alpha Dogs, a white nationalist group run by Bama Jnr. They use his rage to keep him around until Bama Snr (Gerald McRaney) shows up to torture and hopefully kill Bob Lee and put an end to the Swaggers. Issac and Nadine meet up with the Head of ATLAS, Andrew Gold – Chief of Staff to POTUS, regarding Earl’s evidence. Things go south and although Nadine warns and threatens Isaac, he kills Andrew Gold for the murder of his wife.

Trust is in short supply these days

After John (Matt Shallenberger), ATLAS’ main field operative, showing up in her apartment, we see that there is a history between him and Carlita (Felisha Terrell). John mentions that Russo, the man who ordered Bama Snr to kill his son and the head of ATLAS’ agents, will remove Carlita’s name from the kill list and allow her to rejoin the program. She proceeds to drug Harris (Jesse Bradford), locks him in a closet and takes the Godbox and leaves. John shows up again in Carlita’s apartment, this time she has the Godbox and John tells her to come with them. He says that he is taking her to meet Russo.

The control ATLAS has

After Gold is killed by Isaac and Nadine fears that they will have the entire Federal Government looking for them. Isaac then mentions how ATLAS will clean it up. We then see John cleaning up the mess at the train stop as if nothing ever happened. John proceeds to dispose of Gold’s body making it look like an apparent suicide.

A new friend

After not hearing from Bob Lee since he sent Nadine the photo of the bombs, she calls in a favour to Margo (Mallory Jansen). Isaac, Nadine and Margo along with the FBI raid the place – only to find Bob Lee, beaten and tortured. Although they were in time to prevent Bama Snr from killing Bob Lee, they were no bombs in the building.

Thoughts on Episode 10:

  • Why did Carlita betray the team? Does she honestly believe that they won’t come out on top? Will John and Russo come through on their word, or will they dispose of her?
  • How will Bob Lee’s revenge-laden mission pan out for his family, since Julie told him not to come home until he is ready? Will Bob Lee ever be ready for a home life?
  • With the inclusion of the Alpha Dogs, will they be incorporated into ATLAS’ big plan? What is this plan?
  • What are the effects of the death of Andrew Gold, Chief of Staff to The President, to the White House and also to ATLAS?