BelowDeckMed (S03E14) Stew Coup

On tonight’s BelowDeckMed

Conrad does the unthinkable and consoles Brook after she accuses Hannah of taking advantage of her.


First, he buries the hatchet (unfortunately not literally) with Jdouche, now he’s seemingly siding with his girlfriend?

Conrad’s making some questionable decisions if he wants to make it work with Hannah.

Brooke and Jdouche talk about what happened, and she said it went down like a bag of nails.

Girl can’t even come up with her own ideas, let alone catch phrases.

She’s literally mimicking everything Jdouche says now.  Try having a brain for once.

Hannah has a sit down with the girls, and tells them basically to do their jobs and shut up about it.

At this point, she’s completely over it and isn’t worried about being friends with either of them at the end of the charter season.

The guests go to the caves and enjoy the second day of charter.

Everything goes smoothly until dinner (of course) when Hannah forgets which dish is Lucy’s, the guest that doesn’t eat dairy.

Luckily, she’s fine and a crisis is adverted.

Thankfully that seems to be the motto for this group.

The rest of the dinner and the “sharing circle” goes smoothly, and the guests knock off for the night.


Hannah told Adam that the crew’s not happy about being fed basically scraps, (If they’re fed at all.)

She hosts a pow wow between Adam, Colin, and Conrad, and they discuss what needs to change.

They just tell him they need dinner earlier, he agrees, and that’s the end of that.

Hannah and Conrad take a cigarette break, and she goes in on him for going straight to Brooke after their fight.

The rest of the charter goes smoothly, with Hannah and Sandy actually bonding this trip.

Of course, Brooke keeps complaining the entire time.

The guests leave, and the group gets ready for a night on the town, but not before Colin’s parents make a surprise visit.

Yep, you heard that right.  We finally get to meet Robin!  And she’s as lovely in person as on the phone.

I definitely think Colin should get his own spin-off.

Fire Island leader of the band?

Captain of the ferry band?

Let me know if you think Colin and his family should have their own show.  From what I’ve seen, they’re hilarious.

The group heads out, and as usual, drama unfolds.

Hannah and Conrad discuss their relationship, which is on the fritz.

Brooke gets pissed off at Kasey for flirting with Jdouche, even though he’s been doing that the whole freaking charter.


What did you think of tonight’s BelowDeckMed?    Let me know in the comments.  Should Colin get a spin-off or come back next year?  Would you want to see more of his family?