Ballers (S04E02) “Don’t You Wanna Be Obama?”

Ballers is baaaaaccckkk with their fourth season! Hooray!! This second episode was much better than the first I must say. My guys Joe & Spencer have acquired a sports agency. Say whaaatt? The acquisition of an Xtreme sports network agency…Sounds like an awesome and easy investment right?  Hmmm, maybe not.  Lance Klians (Russell Brand),  an obnoxious but creative business owner who has revealed his ugly side in this episode. In my opinion Lance,  is a total crybaby jackass. So in other words-he’s doing a good job with this character.  Lance Klians freaks out when his young & gifted treasure;  African American surfer by the name of Parker disappears! My favorite line in this episode comes from Joe,   “Missing like On a milk carton missing or I just don’t want to call my wife missing?” That lines deserves a double tap. 

Parker, bears the cross of  “The next great Black hope” he feels as though this title is a burden, he makes it clear that he does not want to be the next Obama. He just wants to be a dude that surfs and surfs damn well! As Parker goes MIA & is refusing to surf  due to the fact that  his multi million dollar Coca Cola endorsement has grossly misrepresented him. Joe & Spencer must do what they do best. Go fix the problem.  They crash Parker’s pad  and have an unplanned meeting with the young surfer over “Skywalker cannabis”, (well Joe partakes in the pow wow not Spencer).  Long story short they convince Parker to do what HE feels is right.  The powers that be have created ads that have changed the skin tone of Parker to a darker tone (Parker is a fairer skinned African American) so he found this highly offensive. Lance Klians and the Coke reps have their final say on this misrepresentation of Parker.  Coca Cola wins this round, or did they? After Parker surfs his best game he wins first place, receives his award and then pumps the black power fist in the air.  It appears to me that Coca Cola and Lance Klians have now created a monster. I can’t wait to see what’s next! 

Am I the only viewer who is not a fan of the whole Amber & Ricky love connection?  He’s a family man now.  New baby, new home, new lifestyle. Retired the old playboy Ways ( bull-coughs). One word For you Mr. Jerrett…compunction. Ricky Jerrett,  is itching to break out of retirement. Is it a love for the game of football? Or is he trying to break loose from the old ball n chain, Amber? Either way he’d better learn some humility, get his act together and fast! The new GM & estranged friend, Mr. Green paid Jerrett a visit in the new $15 million beach front pad. Mr. Green wants to give Jerrett shot at working out with the Rams. BUT, Ricky hasn’t changed, still too sure of himself & blows yet another opportunity.  Jerrett feels that a camp walk throughis beneath him. Ricky Jerrett, word to the wise, sit down and be humble!