RHONY (S10E20) The Reunion Part 1

The RHONY reunion wasted no time getting right into the drama and the Bethenny Frankel roast.

Andy asks Bethenny about reconnecting with Jill Zarin at Bobby’s funeral, and the women go in on her.

They call her opportunistic, being the only one wanting to film, and trying to look good by going.

Really?  We all know if Bethenny hadn’t gone to that funeral she would’ve been ripped to shreds.

After that. Ramona goes in on Bethenny for not supporting her in all her “businesses” throughout the show.

How many have there been again?  I’ve lost count

Ramona accuses her of not supporting women, especially her.

That Ramona’s never been anything but kind and supportive.

Um, what show has she been watching the last 10 years?

The women chime in and say they all dislike her for the same reason.

Andy then brings up the Nutcracker and Dorinda’s being pissed about the lack of public acknowledgement from Bethenny.

I guess Bethenny thanking her for saving Christmas on twitter, on camera to Dorinda directly, and off camera wasn’t enough?  I think we’ve learned through out the season that no one should ever accept a favor from Dorinda again.

They move on, but bring up that the girls have been questioning Sonja’s businesses for years, not just Bethenny.

This triggers the hell out of Ramona, who nearly crawls over Sonja’s lap to get in Bethenny’s face.

She goes on for like 10 minutes saying Bethenny’s never supported her or the other women’s businesses, and they go back and forth over this for a while.

Andy ends the first part of the RHONY reunion by talking about Dorinda’s drinking.

He confronts Dorinda about her behavior and how often she’s been horrible and done regrettable things while drunk.

Dorinda still denies having an issue with alcohol.

According to her, she’s not a drunk but can’t handle alcohol.

So…..just throwing this out there….but MAYBE YOU SHOULDN’T DRINK AT ALL THEN?????

Everyone except for Bethenny denies it as well, which will just wind up hurting Dorinda later.

It’s not normal to get black out drunk so often you don’t remember who you offended.

I’m really worried about her and her level of denial.

So what did you guys think of the RHONY reunion part 1?  Let me know in the comments.