Killjoys (S04E06) Baby,Face Killer

On tonight’s Killjoys,

Delle Seyah introduces her son to the ways of the Nine, right before she leaves to take her place as leader.

She gives him a necklace that he can use to call her for help, but it has to be their secret.

“Royalty always rises, and physical contact is for the poor,” she says right before she takes her leave.


John and Dutch are trying to figure out what Khlyen’s story meant.

They hire a guy named MInnow who’s known for retrieving hidden memories in order to find hidden clues.

Johnnie does what Johnnie does best: science the hell out of it.

#TeamAwesomeForce has a discussion about what to do about Pip after the kidnapping attempt.

Zeph believes full stop that it wasn’t Pip that tried to kidnap the kid, but Dutch and D’av doubt her.

They tell her to find out what’s going on, but end things on a note that doubts Pip’s future in the group.

D’av and Osmond, and his son is now called, have some father/son bonding while Mommy Dearest is away,

and it looks like they have quite a bit in common, including the love of punching things.

Zeph takes Pip back to the Armada to try to figure out how the spider got in the brain, and makes the mistake of telling Pip.

He freaks out,  and she goes into retrieve the spider the old-fashioned way:  with a huge needle.

Fancy and Pree team up to find the guy who’s been marking doors of houses with kids to find information on Gare-Bear.

He doesn’t have much information but they get his hand print to use for later.

They have some fun with him for his part in the kidnapping, then let him go.

Auntie Dutch takes Osmond to Utopia for more training,

but it quickly turns into on the job rescue when someone is trying to find her.

He threatens to kidnap Osmond, but before he can, D’av and Johnnie come to the rescue.

Dutch recognizes the tattoo on the assassins neck, and uses it to call a “white blade” meeting.

It’s basically a truce where she interrogates him about who he works for, but as soon as she mentions the Lady, all bets are off and he attacks her.

Talk about showing your hand.

Osmond, who had snuck off the ship earlier, kills him, and saves her.  His first kill!  Of course, Johnnie and D’av come in just in time to witness said kill, and they couldn’t be prouder.

Things go sour fast as Dutch crosses a line when she tries to show Osmond how to use her daggers to torture the hitman.

D’av comes in just in time, but while they’re off arguing about what Khlyen did to Dutch and whether it was abuse or training, the prisoner spontaneously dies.

Osmond is standing a few feet in front of him, just looking at him in shock (it seems) but you have to wonder if there was something else going on.

Meanwhile, Pree is taken prisoner by the kidnappers in hopes of finding his Gare-Bear.

They take him to their lair, and all this is being recorded by Turin and Fancy.

The big reveal is they’re back at the RAC.

D’av and Osmond have a heart to heart about what happened.

Osmond says he’s not happy about what happened, and doesn’t want to keep training with Dutch.

He also says he wants to be called Jacobis, but Jack for short.

Jack asks D’av what he’ll say to Dutch, and D’av says nothing, and they take off without telling anyone.

That’ll go over well.

So what did you think of this episode of Killjoys?  What was the biggest reveal for you?  Let me know in the comments.