Salvation (S02E09) – “The Manchurian Candidate”


The Uncle has returned

Nicola Tanz (John Noble) is back and with a vengeance. Q17 originated in the late 80s when 17 of the wealthiest magnates decided to join forces and create an organization. An organization they use to further their own agendas. Darius (Santiago Cabrera) and the team have no idea how far their reach extends but they do intend to find out. President Darius decides to invite Uncle Nicola to the White House for a visit. Darius does what Darius does best, creates an elaborate plan to get his uncle’s friends out of hiding, a cocktail party. The team, along with a ‘new’ permanent member – Alonzo (Ashley Thomas) – use this as an opportunity to identify who is part of Q17.

The new VP

Congressman Trey Thomason (James Lesure) is introduced as one of the candidates for the VP spot. Trey turns out to be as straight a shooter as they come and spares no shots when being interviewed by Darius. Something which Darius doesn’t particularly like. Darius is set to make his Vice Presidency announcement at the cocktail party. With his mind set on the other, more ‘friendly’ candidate Senator Gitlow. Moments before announcing his decision he realises that Gitlow and Nicola are a little too friendly with each other. Darius realizes that this was what Q17 has wanted all along, to control him and manipulate his choices. Thus Darius chooses Congressman Thomason as his new VP. A decision some didn’t take too kindly too.

The truth will always come out

Nicola takes immediate control of the situation at the cocktail party. Some would wonder if he knows what the team is doing. He makes a subtle mention of Grace’s (Jennifer Finnigan) daughter’s whereabouts, something he wouldn’t know. And after the VP announcement, he opens up to Darius. Nicola Tanz admits to being the ‘Head’ of Q17. The death of President Monroe, the death of President Mackenzie, Darius’ rise to the presidency, the sabotage of the ark – it was all Q17’s doing. Q17 wanted Darius to be president, it was their plan all along.


Liam (Charlie Rowe) is back with Darius at Tanz and helping integrate both the railgun and the solar sail. After the whole situation with ReSyst and Alycia, he wants to make up with Jillian (Jacqueline Byers). Jillian is at first hesitant but decides to give him a chance. Jillian takes Liam to COPE because its important to her and she wants Liam to be a part of it. But Liam sees through this facade and sees them for who they really are. He returns later to COPE to find people ‘unburdening’ their most precious belongings. COPE allows their followers to believe that the world is going to end and that they won’t be needing it anymore. Liam sees Jillian’s notebook and realizes what is going to happen. The episode ends with Liam arriving at Grace’s house only to find Darius. Liam then tells them that COPE is nothing more than a lying, scamming, suicide cult group. We end off by seeing Jillian take a sip of a drink, what Liam believes they use to kill their followers.

Thoughts on episode 10:

  • With the team after Q17 with the full might of the US government, what is Q17’s end game?
  • What is Nicola’s plan, now that his man wasn’t elected to the VP spot?
  • Although Darius was set to resign, he has decided to stay on until this is emergency was sorted. When will he realize that this is who he is now?
  • Is Jillian really going to die?

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