Mr. Mercedes (S02E01) “Missed You”

Welcome back everybody to another look at an amazing season for our television show Mr. Mercedes; if you haven’t read the books I’m sure the episode probably made you question “what was going on” a whole lot especially since this is the second season. But lets get to this review!!!

Okay so if you remember back in the last episode of season 1, Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) had a heart attack just when he was about to take down Brady (Harry Treadaway) and instead it was Holly (Justine Lupe) who landed that blow to Brady’s head, but this episode showed you what happened when Hodges and Brady were sent to the hospital and how both were treated at the hospital. For those that didn’t watch the final episode of last season as you know by now Hodges lived from his heart attack and Brady is in a vegetative state or is he?

First moments of the episode you see our new characters introduced married doctors Dr. Bruce Babineau (Jack Huston) and Dr. Cora Babineau (Tessa Ferrer) who become chosen by a secret clinic to test on patients who are expendable with a drug that is said to heal all deadly diseases including tumors, Alzheimer, etc. According to Cora the treatment is long going but sadly the two doctors don’t have a lot of time before Brady is sent away to another facility. They give him the whole dose of the drug which wakes him up but not from his vegetative state. You will see what I mean when we get further into the season!

Now if you haven’t read End of Watch which is the final book of the series written by Stephen King; you need to read both Finder’s Keepers and End of Watch in order to understand this season cause this season is using both those books very heavily in the season and you will understand a whole lot more if you read those books. For instance the doctors that we are introduced to as well as the drug its all from End of Watch as well as the effects of the drug are revealed in that book as well. So yes read the books and you will understand what is going on a whole lot more I guarantee that!

Now I do have to say that the start of the season did go really well, I loved the first episode, its like just when you think everyone is safe and no one is going to die or get hurt this episode boom they hit you with a death, yes people Pete (Scott Lawrence) died this episode. I have to say that I was saddened by his death cause I liked Pete, but I know they needed him to die so the story could continue on but still it’s sad that he had to die of all things a heart attack, but it makes you wonder if Hodges would’ve checked on Pete just a couple of minutes sooner could he have saved Pete’s life? I guess it’s something that will never really be answered. I also like how Holly and Hodges relationship is growing more and more to become like a bonding father and adoptive daughter kind of relationship and I would love to see more of that happen throughout the season. Especially since they just opened their own private investigating agency called Finder’s Keepers; It’s definitely something that will be good to see for the rest of the season. I just hope nothing bad happens to Holly, or Lou (Breeda Wool) I know for sure that Lou is coming back for at least one episode, just didn’t come back for this one. But for this episode, one thing that really hit me for a loop was that dream with Hodges talking with Brady at the grave site and then blaming it on the ice cream which makes you wonder, what the hell was in that ice cream?

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