Shooter (S03E10) – “Orientation Day”


ATLAS Orientation

Once Carlita (Felisha Terrell) arrives at ATLAS’ Training Facility we see flashbacks to when she was a recruit. Interrogated by Jack Payne, saving John’s (Matt Shallenberger) life.  Carlita comes full circle, but not without a plan. The team arrives back at their ‘base’ to find the Godbox missing, Harris (Jesse Bradford) locked in a room and a GPS tracker tracking Carlita’s location.  Bob Lee (Ryan Phillippe) and Isaac (Omar Epps) follow while Nadine (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) and Harris work on blackmailing Chief Justice Ray Brooks (Michael O’Neill).

Bob Lee and Isaac’s relationship

Following the tracker, it led them to being captured. Russo tries to mentally break the both of them. He tries to put Bob Lee against Isaac, to kill Isaac. Russo also tries the same with Isaac. Bob Lee turns the gun on Russo and escapes, going after Isaac. Carlita and Bob Lee meet and all she asks is that she kills Russo, whilst planting a bomb. They get to Isaac and she directs Bob Lee and Isaac to ATLAS’ records. With no time left, Isaac leaves the Godbox (which we saw Russo give it to John and tell him to finish it) and Bob Lee leaves with Ray’s recorder. ATLAS’ training facility is blown up but their recruits converge on Bob Lee and Isaac.

An honest patriot

After Nadine and Harris met with Ray Brooks and told him about the information they have on him, Ray holds a press conference. They hope it’s him stepping down, but he turns his focus on them. Saying that he’s the victim of being blackmailed. Ray Brooks played the team so that they could show their hand. But after Bob Lee listened to the recorder, he thinks that Ray Brooks killed his father. But, it was Red Bama Sr (Gerald McRaney).

Anhur Dynamics

ATLAS needs Ray Brooks sworn because of Anhur Dynamics. Owned by L. Scott, it was one of ATLAS’ most recent front. Simply put, everything hinges on a vote. Anhur claims National Security exemption, but if the vote doesn’t go their way, Anhur will be forced to share everything. This would open the door for everyone to see ATLAS’ shady and decorative past. The vote is split 4-4 and Ray Brooks is set to be the vote they need.

Thoughts on episode 11:

  • If Isaac had to leave the Godbox behind, why didn’t John take it with him? What is their plan then?
  • Did Carlita chose to go out in a blaze of glory, or did she make it out?
  • With the team now knowing Ray is an integral member of ATLAS, what is next?
  • With Julie (Shantel VanSanten) finding listening devices in her house, where will she go now?

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