The Meg (2018) Movie Review

The Meg is directed by Jon Tertultaub and stars Jason Statham as Jonas Taylor, a deep sea rescue diver who is recruited to save a crew that got attacked by the Megalodon .

This movie is by no means a great film, but it is an entertaining one. Very good CGI, which could be expected by such a big budget used in this film. But it could have easily tried to go for something serious, which it doesn’t.

Talking about the performances is hard. Jason Statham is a good actor, and he carries the movie, almost on his own. There is a character called Meiying (Sophia Cai), she is just an adorable girl. She has good scenes with Jason Statham, but for performances those are the ones that really stand out for me. The Asian actors in my opinion were terrible, and the rest was nothing out of the ordinary.

Jason Taylor (Jason Statham) is a deeper character, more than i expected from this movie. For a good part of the movie, he’s trying to convince people he actually saw a megalodon. Nobody believes him, which makes him look insane. But unfortunately, the rest of the characters don’t get the same treatment. You have this bunch of 1 dimensional characters that have 1 purpose on the movie. You have the rich guy, the funny characters just there to make jokes, the tech guy to hack in to stuff. And you have characters who are just there to die. This unfortunately makes the small amout of deaths in the movie almost insignificant. They tried adding a romance in, but unfortunately it feels out of place, and just distracts you from the real action going on.

So overall it isn’t a masterpiece of a movie, which i didn’t expect it to be. It doesn’t take itself too serious, which i can surely appreciate. And when Jason Statham stabs the Meg’s eye, was just that awesome Jason Statham moment every movie of his needs to have. Overall a good watch.