UnREAL (S04E08) “Sudden Death”

Well, folks, we’ve reached the end of our beloved series. It is bittersweet to say goodbye to these characters, as we’ve grown so attached over the years. Boy did they go out messy though.

Rachel (Shiri Appleby) and Quinn (Constance Zimmer) started this series together, and through unfathomable situations ultimately end it together. The amount of turmoil that the two of them have caused themselves and others is astronomical, often playing off each other to make a perfect storm. As we saw this season, they almost switched roles, with Quinn becoming more vulnerable and Rachel more ruthless. Countless casualties have fallen to them for one reason or another, and this season had an especially high body count. From contestants to crew members, to even each other, it seemed no one was safe. The biggest difference between the two women is that Quinn has always acknowledged and embraced her nature, whereas Rachel tried to hide or change it. Once she gave in all bets were off, even going as far as to influence Quinn’s abortion. Yes, the baby did not have a high survival chance, but Quinn was considering trying to carry to term. Rachel made it about herself in the end, and frankly, it wasn’t a surprise that she did.

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Source: Recap Guide/Hulu

What was a surprise though, was Quinn taking down Rachel. I knew she was capable of it of course, but to see her actually do it was shocking. Her protege deserved every bit of it too. It seemed fitting for the finale, and I am glad it happened. Yeah, it probably was the final push that caused her to light the mansion and set on fire, but Rachel has always had that in her. To have the series end with everything up in flames and our dynamic duo laying together in bed was certainly dramatic, and I expected nothing less. Regardless of all the crap that’s happened, they still end up together. In the end they give each other what they need, even if it is twisted to high heaven. Part of me liked the ending of season 3 a bit more, but perhaps because it had a more positive outcome. When all is said and done the series was a wonderful ride, and I’m certainly glad I was on board for it. I hope you guys are too.