Wynonna Earp (S03E06) “If We Make It Through December”

Previously on Wynonna Earp…

Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) introduces Mama Earp (Megan Follows) to Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon), whose first impression includes not being Wynonna’s boyfriend and having a secret wife. But don’t worry Mama, Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) has an amazing cop girlfriend named Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell). Everyone just calls them WayHaught. Jeremy (Varun Saranga) finally met his unicorn, but murder tree vines kidnapped him. Nedley (Greg Lawson) is tired of this sh*tshow. Waverly battled her personal demons a.k.a Jolene, Bulshar’s ring re-appeared and saved Nicole, and Nicole threw a sorry party with love reaffirmation for Waverly. Oh and Waverly’s father is angel, according to Bobo (Michael Eklund) in a well.

Welcome to Christmas in August!
Wynonna in her PJ Onsie - Wynonna Earp (S03E06) "If We Make It Through December"
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Merry Earpmas! The Homestead is decked out in Christmas decorations and everyone’s in the holiday spirit. Wynonna has the most amazing onesie on. If anyone knows where to get it, please send the link my way. I’ll be adding it to my Christmas list this year. Doc cuts and drags in his own tree, but Mama shuts it down. They got rid of a demon last week. She doesn’t want to deal with mites. And Nicole is stuck in a hilarious elf costume but still manages to get laid, signaled by loud WayHaught sex noises after Mama tells Wynonna to get some “Holliday cheer.” This is probably somewhere in my top 5 Wynonna Earp openings.

At the Purgatory festival fundraiser, Sheriff Nedley, in his Santa costume, deals with teenage boys. But one of them, Tim McBlake (Dylan Poyser),  takes off, calling out for the real Santa. Nedley, with a bad feeling in his gut, searches for him, but unfortunately it’s too late. Bulshar (Jean Marchand) arrives to disrupt the Christmas festivities and kidnaps the boy.

Holidays Are for Family

Back at the Homestead, Nicole leaves after some cute Waverly kisses. Wynonna pulls Waverly aside to reveal her father was an angel. Of course, Waverly confronts Mama in the kitchen, who in terrifying fashion, is prepping a turkey she slaughtered from the yard. I can’t say this enough but Megan Follows has been a real delight this season. She pulls out turkey guts and drops them into the sink, ordering her vegan daughter to rifle through them for any good parts. It’s gross and fantastic!

Mama Earp pulling out turkey guts - Wynonna Earp (S03E06) "If We Make It Through December"
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Wynonna and Waverly ungracefully plop into a seat while Mama tells them about Julian, Waverly’s father. He was a good guy, way better than Ward, and yes it was an affair but Mama loved him. However, the day Waverly was born, Julian never showed. But guess who did? Bobo Del Rey.

Wynonna receives a call about the missing boy and Mama encourages her to go save him. Wynonna takes off, leaving Waverly to continue her questioning about her father. However, Mama doesn’t want to dwell on the past, but she does encourage her to talk to Bobo, if they know where he is, about her father’s whereabouts. And that’s precisely what Waverly decides to do.

It’s Time for Some Holliday Cheer

Doc drags in his tree, mostly naked by this point, to the BBD office. Jeremy isn’t feeling festive because Park Ranger Robin (Justin Kelly) hasn’t called him back. Doc advises Jeremy to be direct about his feelings (the irony!) and ask for what he wants. Since Jeremy’s allergies can’t hang with this tree, Doc drags his tree back out. It’s a pretty sad sight to watch. Meanwhile, Jeremy attempts Doc’s advice and calls Robin.

Unfortunately Robin is in a cage, locked away by Bulshar. It’s a creepy place with lots of screaming and zombie beekeepers. It’s definitely not the place you want to spend your holidays. Unfortunately, Tim the missing boy joins Robin’s cage as he’s on Bulshar’s naughty list.

Wynonna meets Charlie - Wynonna Earp (S03E06) "If We Make It Through December"
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Wynonna arrives to the crime scene while Nicole tries to ease the crowd. Nedley stares off in a catatonic state. Not even Wynonna’s ill-timed jabs garner a response. Nicole sends Wynonna off to Charlie (Sebastian Pigott), the sexy new fireman, who completely throws Wynonna. Because she’s Wynonna, she flirts and dishes out inappropriate jokes but justifies it by noting the blood is too much for a kid. She tells Charlie she’ll take it back to her posse. Basically, she has a guy and he’ll take care of it. Charlie saves her from a loose branch of a murder tree.

Not a HolLiday Party Without New Flames, Baby Mama, & Secret Wives

Wynonna asks Jeremy to test the blood and Jeremy attempts sassiness but insults Helen Mirren. That’s a big no in Wynonna’s book. Wynonna calls Waverly about Tim McBlake. Waverly informs her sister that McBlake is part of the Old Families of Purgatory. Wynonna returns to the team and they discuss Bulshar’s consistent targets–Purgatory’s Old Families. Unfortunately, Charlie has no idea who Bulshar is and each of them provide a hilarious but vague description.

Jeremy realizes he may not have been ghosted after all and Robin was kidnapped. Super good news for Jeremy but still bad news for Robin. Of course, Charlie finds their entire group to be wild.

Wynonna unhappy at Kates place - Wynonna Earp (S03E06) "If We Make It Through December"
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Wynonna and Doc intrude on Kate’s space for answers on the vampire’s initial entrance to Purgatory. Kate reveals that Bulshar wanted the vampires to separate the Old Families during their party back in the first episode this season. Doc tries to offer sympathy to Kate, saying she’s been through a lot, especially since she was forcibly turned. But Kate reveals she’s been a vampire the whole time; in fact, ever since she met Doc long ago.

Wynonna is obviously jealous and tries to assert herself by turning on a light. But in a great power move, Kate returns Doc’s knife he left behind after their sexy time. Wynonna storms off. Doc scolds Kate for that move, but she warns him that Wynonna doesn’t need Doc but Kate apparently does. These three are going to need to learn to work together or Bulshar is eventually going to exploit this weakness.

Holy Waverly, so Tender and Mild
Waverly at the well with Bobo - Wynonna Earp (S03E06) "If We Make It Through December"
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Waverly, armed with her rifle, confronts Bobo about the night she was born. Bobo came to the Gibson greenhouse. Julian wasn’t there and Michelle requested for Bobo to save the baby. She lost a lot of blood and didn’t think she would survive. She said the baby’s name is Waverly and Bobo knew she was different because during Wynonna’s vision quest last year, she gave him Waverly’s name as his angel.

Bobo busted into Shorty’s to give Waverly over to Ward, who appears disgusted since they baby technically isn’t his. But Bobo threatens to kill Ward and to prove his point, he telepathically sucks away Peacemaker and while it burns him, he points it at Ward. But Waverly is smart and she also notices that Bobo coincidentally ended up  at the greenhouse the night Julian went missing. Bobo knows where Julian is but he won’t give her the info unless she lets him out of the well. But Waverly isn’t stupid and she shuts the lid on him instead.

No Time Like the Holidays to Speak Your Truth

Back at the Purgatory Sheriff department, Wynonna and Doc  argue over Kate. Doc tries to put into words how he feels but relies on calling Wynonna “another woman” and sharing something deeper than romance because they share a child. Wynonna kisses him. Doc just wants Wynonna to be honest with him about her feelings, but Wynonna ignores that and just wants to get back to work.

Nedley feels guilty about the missing kid. Nicole begs for Nedley to get back out there and help. They need all hands on deck. But Nedley is tired of dealing with this Purgatory nonsense. Nothing but bad stuff happens in this small town and he doesn’t see the point of bringing the kids back to this awful place. To him, it’s just one hell hole to another hell hole. If he saw the cages they were in, he wouldn’t think this but I get it. I love Nedley and I hate to see him like this, but Purgatory has finally broke him.

Nicole leads the search team - Wynonna Earp (S03E06) "If We Make It Through December"
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Meanwhile, Nicole leads Charlie and ton of other volunteers/community members to scour the forest for Tim the missing kid. Nicole finds a leaf with a tooth on it and Murder Tree Lane continues to get worse and worse. Back at Bulshar’s murder factory, he forces this Purgatory dude to eat the evil walnut and pours green sludge into their mouth through a tube. Thankfully, Park Ranger Robin has enough sense to cover Tim’s eyes.

Have a Wild, Quip-tastic Earpmas Showdown

Jeremy reveals the blood found in the forest was from pigs. Wynonna decides they should split up to visit each of the various pig farms nearby so they can cover more ground quickly but mostly it’s to stay away from Doc. Back at his murder factory, Bulshar monologues like a natural evil villain and reveals he wants revenge against the Old Families for betraying him to Wyatt Earp. Dude it’s been over a century. Get over it. Robin sacrifices himself to protect the Tim. He gets hooked up to the green sludge machine, all the while trying to reassure the Tim.

Wynonna test Charlie with Peacemaker - Wynonna Earp (S03E06) "If We Make It Through December"
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Charlie shows up when Wynonna fails to enter a pig factory and offers up his services. Because it’s Purgatory and he’s a new face, Wynonna tests him with Peacemaker to make sure he’s not supernatural. Thankfully, he seemingly passes. They flirt a little while managing to finally break into the factory and thankfully, they’re in the right place. Wynonna quips away, Christmas style, as she shoots down the zombie bee keepers.

Wynonna and Charlie return the missing people to the Purgatory sheriff department. Park ranger Robin reunites with Jeremy and they share a sweet kiss. It truly is a Merry Earpmas. Wynonna continues to hit it off with Charlie but she can’t be late to Christmas dinner so not-so secretly steals cranberry sauce from sheriff’s donation bin per Mama’s earlier request.

If this episode has proven anything, it’s certainly time. As much as I love Nedley and his sheriff wisdom, Nicole’s ready and he’s tired. Nedley hands over his Santa hat, which excites Nicole because no more elf costume, but instead he informs her that he’s retiring.

Now for Earpmas Family Dinner
The gang for Christmas dinner - Wynonna Earp (S03E06) "If We Make It Through December"
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The gang sit around the table for Christmas dinner. Wynonna blows off Doc when he asks why she didn’t call for help with the murder factory and zombie bee keepers. She already had help and had it handled. The gang cheers to Dolls. They cheers to Sheriff Nicole Haught. They cheers to Jeremy not being ghosted. Wynonna cheers to the reappearance of Jeremy’s upper lip, now that the ‘stache is gone.

Doc leaves without a word, clearly upset by Wynonna’s cold shoulder, and Waverly tries to convince her to chase after him but Mama stops her. It’s family time and she couldn’t be happier to see her two daughters were able to form this family despite all the craziness and tragedy. In a lovely gesture, she puts up the Menstru-Angel because their family is perfectly messy.

While Wynonna helps Mama wash the dishes, Mama encourages her to go after Doc. However, Wynonna doesn’t think she deserves him. Honestly, hearing Wynonna say that out loud was heartbreaking because she does. She deserves happiness and love and everything Doc wants to offer.

Switching topics, Wynonna offers to find Julian, if Mama wants to know. Wynonna decides to leaves like Mama suggested but it’s not to Doc. It’s see Charlie and his fire truck. Charlie is surprisingly calm after dealing with the supernatural nonsense. These two decide to hook up after Charlie decides he likes a challenge and understands Wynonna’s “no strings” requests.

Adorably Awkward WayHaught and More Poor Choices

Mama Earp decides to pay a visit to Bobo. She offers him dinner and freedom. She wants to know where Julian is. I legitimately groaned out load. Mama is just reconnecting with her family. Why would she think it would be a good idea to let Bobo go free? I don’t think finding Julian, Waverly’s father or not, is worth his freedom. I like Bobo as a character but he’s dangerous and I can’t wait for the chaos he will bring.

WayHaught cute dance scene - Wynonna Earp (S03E06) "If We Make It Through December"
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In a cute WayHaught moment, Waverly sings and dances to celebrate Nicole’s promotion to Sheriff. It’s adorably awkward and real. Waverly dances, giggles in embarrassment, and falls over into Nicole. Provost-Chalkley plays this scene so well and it feels like we’re intruding on an intimate moment between these two characters.

Meanwhile, we cut away to Bobo’s empty well. At the Gardner House of Horrors, Doc visits Kates and she reveals that Bulshar’s zombie beekeepers came back, demanding fealty from her. But Doc is here and Kate says she needs him. He makes her repeat it. All Doc wants right now is to feel needed, but there’s only one thing that’ll heal Kate. She needs to drink his blood, but he’ll turn. He misses his immortality. Doc offers up his neck and his vampire transformation begins.

Last week I praised Doc for his brazen attitude against Bulshar and selfless choice to fight for the right side even if it meant returning Hell. But this feels selfish. It’s been an up and down season with Doc and I’m stoked for what’s next, especially when he must reveal he’s Team Edward.

Sorry for the late recap but I’ll see ya’ll later this week for what should be a WynHaught bonanza of an episode, only on SyFy this Friday at 9 p.m. Eastern.