Mr. Mercedes(S02E02) “Let’s Go Roaming”

Okay guys this season has literally gotten better with just this second episode, it’s very rare that a series keeps getting better and better with every single episode but when it happens we the fans always love it. So lets get to the review!

Okay so in this episode we had a lot of creepy and intense reveals happen to all of us while watching the second episode. This episode we saw that the poor nurse Sadie (Virginia Kull) was being rumored as being some kind of nut case towards the other nurses because of what she said in secret to Nurse Wilmer (Tammy Arnold) which was that Brady (Harry Treadaway) had movement and brain waves that indicate he could be awake. Of course that doesn’t go so well with the other nurses, maybe thats why Sadie came back and tried proving that she wasn’t crazy. But I think sometime now Sadie has been slowly getting under Brady’s control, mind control that is. Yes people you heard it right. Brady is learning how to use his abilities that the drugs Dr. Bruce Babineau (Jack Huston) used on Brady in episode 1 and gave him the entire dosage which forced some part of his brain to adapt abilities to mind control people in a hypnosis state and eventually learn how to move objects with his mind; yes people just like Carrie.

I think it’s safe to say that we all are happy to see a fan favorite make a come back appearance in this episode of season 2. Yes people, Lou (Breeda Wool) made her return to the series this episode and it was the best way to bring her back to shine with physical therapy and hearing that Brady is awake. Which I don’t think was the best news for poor Lou, especially what he did to her during season 1, for those that don’t remember. In the season finale of season 1, Brady stabbed Lou and left her for dead, if it wasn’t for Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) coming to her rescue to get her help, she would’ve bleed out and died but thankfully that didn’t happen and she was able to make her debut this season. Lets just hope she stays alive, I can’t stand to see Lou get hurt anymore if you know what I mean; and we saw Lou get a new tattoo. I think all fans of Lou are really happy to have her back and we hope she stays for a very long time.

Another face that we saw come back is Jerome (Jharrel Jerome) which we all know that he had chosen to go to college, but I think when we see Jerome he finally realizes that college especially in Harvard, that it’s not the same as high school. I mean, he was sabotaging his own grades to impress his dad only because he can’t bare for his father to see him as a failure. It would break him, but being a college graduate, I can see where Jerome is coming from. College isn’t easy and it can’t be seemed as easy; eventually Jerome is going to have to come clean about the drugs and the lack of grades in college. But knowing Jerome he’s going to try to keep it a secret for his whole life, but I think Hodges can see through Jerome’s secrets, he just wants to let Jerome come out and say it himself.

Overall this episode was an interesting one, I just hope that Sadie doesn’t meet a deadly end, but knowing Stephen King work and knowing that this is the Stephen King world, something tells me that Sadie will meet a deadly end soon. If you’re not watching this series yet, I recommend you watching season 1 and then catch up on season 2 cause this series is amazing!

Next Episode: Mr. Mercedes(S02E03) “You Can Go Home Now” airs Wednesday September 5, 2018 at 10/9c on Audience