Salvation (S02E10) “Prisoners”


Zoe’s back

Zoe (Rachel Drance) returns home from Africa. Upon her arrival, Grace (Jennifer Finnigan) is met with a harrowing call.  Q17 leaves Grace with a threat to Zoe’s life. Alonzo (Ashley Thomas) volunteers to protect her whilst Grace plans how to leave the country. But isn’t that easy. Her father under medical supervision and extra security after the attack on his life, Zoe is pregnant with Harris’ (Ian Anthony Dale) son’s child and Zoe is missing.

A dangerous partnership

Darius (Santiago Cabrera) partners with Alycia (Melia Kreiling) to steal Q17’s money, which turns out successful. Alycia ends up helping Liam (Charlie Rowe) utilize Tess to her full potential to launch the Solar Sail. With worry the weather might affect and hinder the launch, everything goes as planned. They successfully launch the Solar Sail into space to prevent Sampson’s collision with Earth. There still seems to be feelings between Liam and Alycia, and Liam is free to pursue them after Jillian (Jacqueline Byers) ended their friendship.


The cult-like group Liam had his doubts about just became a reality. Their leader Bass (Luke Arnold) has Jillian eating out of his hand by playing on her insecurities. He has convinced her to take the ‘lead’ and empower their followers and convince more to join. Jillian took this idea and ran with it. She played on Zoe’s emotions of not wanting to leave and convinced her to come with her to COPE’s new location. When Alonzo checked out COPE’s building downtown, it was empty. But that was not all Bass wanted from Jillian. Jillian handed over the plans for the Railgun to Bass, who was all too pleased to be receiving it.

After being done with ReSyst and thinking all was over, it was only the beginning. Q17 is taking a major role as the main enemy, with motives unknown to us. Yet, COPE is slyly making moves no one is aware of. With Nicola Tanz held captive and his bodyguard/personal operative’s whereabouts not known. What is Q17’s next move? More importantly, who is Bass really? And what does he want with the Railgun’s plans?

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