Killjoys (S04E07) “O Mother, Where Art Thou?”

In this episode of Killjoys, Dutch and Johnny get sucked into a black hole.

Luckily for them, it turns out to be just where Khlyen wanted them to be.

As it turns out the pulsar was hiding in the black hole,

and hid a planet which Khlyen used as his hideaway.

Not only did they find his hideaway, they found Dutch’s mom and a whole lot of people dedicated to keeping her safe.

It turns out Khlyen was keeping more secrets than anyone knew.

Dutch seems to think she was sent to kill her mother, while Yalena thinks otherwise.

She tells Dutch a little about how Khlyen tried to poison the green but failed, explaining some of Aneela’s past

with the Lady.

She also asks Dutch to find a way to save Aneela.  Either by saving her from the Lady and pulling her back, or by ending her.

Which, I suppose, would be a way of saving her from herself, wouldn’t it?

They talk about Aneela, what she’s like outside the Green, and whether or not she’s happy.

Did I mention Yalena was a badass drama queen?  Now we know where Aneela/Dutch get it from.

This family REALLY loves dramatic entrances.

Pree finally finds his missing Gare-Bear.

The big love his in the middle of being harassed over his shoes, which Pree is having none of.

In full Warlord Pree mode, he kicks the crap out of the assailants, after taking his earrings off,  which should have warned ANYONE, and gives Turin, back at the Aramada,  a full view of the RAC.

They eventually escape, but not before realizing where the missing kids are.

Gared wants desperately to save them, but Pree convinces him first, they have to save themselves.

He tells them once they get back, they’ll attack the RAC, saving the kids and getting rid of the Hullen.

Gared is miffed, but agrees and they escape back to Turin and safety.

They’re discuss the plan to rescue the kids, when Zeph realizes what the Hullen are doing to the kids.

They’re draining them of their green.

Which means, the Lady could get out.  Also, it means Dutch could get in.

Given that Dutch just received a device that could destroy the Lady, this is big.  As in very Big.

Like, could kill all the people connected to the Green big.

Not only that, Zeph realized what the Hullen where doing with all the kids.

They were draining them to create a entrance for the Lady.

By draining the kids of the green, the were creating a fresh, unfrozen pool of Green the Lady could escape the Green from.

That’s so not good.

What did you think of this episode of Killjoys?  What was your biggest takeaway?

That Turin has guys?  Or Hullen actually can still care?  For me, it was seeing Yalena.  How is she still alive?  She’s over 250 years old, and apparently, not Hullen.  What’s keeping her alive?  Also, when did Lucy be able to tase intruders, and why hasn’t she used this capability before?  She’s definitely had the opportunity.  Something to wonder on.  Let me know in the comments what you thought of the episode and what you’d like to see happen the rest of the season of Killjoys.