RHONY (S10E21) Reunion Part 2

Dorinda’s in the hot seat as we kick off this RHONY reunion.

Dorinda keeps doing what she’s done all season:  denying she’s a drunk.

Excuse me, but when you need subtitles and are slurring more often than not, you might have a problem.

Her excuse is:  I don’t have a mug shot.  Neither did Lu til she had one, and she didn’t think she had a problem either.

That’s a really poor excuse not to take responsibility and reflect on your actions  this season, which have been horrendous.

The denial is real.

She keeps trying to move Andy along, but Andy’s having none of it, as well he should, considering her behavior on the show.

Unfortunately, I think it’s going to take something drastic happening to her to get her to stop drinking.

We’ve her all seen her get worse over the years, and not she’s not even hiding how much she drinks anymore.

Sound familiar?

They switch topics to Lu’s cabaret, where, once again, Ramona sticks her foot in her mouth by trying to blame Bethenny for the whole thing.

Seriously, what season was Ramona watching?  We all saw Carole tell Tinsley to tell Dorinda at the cabaret about Scott.

Anyone with a lick of sense would know to wait til after the performance.

But once again, Carole’s in the background, stirring the pot.

Bethenny sets Ramona straight AGAIN,  and they talk about if Dorinda and Lu are friends, and Dorinda implies they’re not.

They move on to Tinsley, who, up til then, looked like she’d been taking a nap,

and they show the clips of Tinsley reacting to Scott’s surprise and her trying on dresses and crying over eggs.

Because lets face it, that’s basically all she did this season.

Besides being Carole’s unwitting catalyst and sounding board all season, anyway.

We learn that despite the distance and both having dated while apart, Tinsley and Scott are still “together” and she expects to get a ring soon.

I guess those Coupon Cabin commercials are here for at least one more season.

Lu’s up next, but of course, since she’s not there, they run her clips and the women discuss her season, which I didn’t think was really fair.  They should’ve either cut that, or waited and done a special episode where they have her with the women.

At least we’ve been told she will be on the WWHL this Wednesday after the last part of the reunion.

They talk about why she’s not there with them and the fact that Lu had fallen off the wagon, which I think was obvious.

Andy went in on Ramona for trying to go to Tom’s party, which was hilarious,

especially when she was blaming everything on her girlfriend.  He asked if she had a mouth, meaning, couldn’t you say no, and I nearly fell out of my seat laughing.

They went back to Lu, and Andy asks the following:

We finally get to the meat of the episode, what we’ve all been waiting for:  Carole vs. Bethenny.

The gloves come off and its ugly, folks.

Carole reads a long lists of texts from Bethenny, which to me sound like a friend who’s wondering what’s going on.  But by now we know Carole is bipolar when it comes to Bethenny.  First she’s too clingy, then she’s not clingy enough because she doesn’t get invited to see Bethenny’s new apartment but Dorinda does.

Carole then goes on to say she’s never bashed Bethenny on the show.


Apparently she’s watching the same fictional version Ramona and Dorinda did, because she bashed her all season.  Bashing in the confessionals counts as on the show, and we all know she’s tweeted and retweeted hurtful things since the show’s aired.

She also started problems with Bethenny with Dorinda, saying she wasn’t appreciative enough of Dorinda, starting that whole incident.  The list goes on.

Bethenny talked about Carole to be sure, but everything she said she said to Carole’s face and never tried to implode any of her friendships.

The fact that Carole said Andy was full of sh– makes me think she was fired before the reunion was filmed, because who else would have the nerve to say that to Andy Cohen?

This goes on the rest of the episode, and through the next.

And then Carole crashes and burns her relationship with Tinsley, according to previews.  Just look at the hurt on Tinsley’s face!  She really wasn’t expecting this!  I actually feel bad for her, and hope this makes people realize maybe Bethenny had a point?

Be sure to tune into the finale reunion next week on Bravo at 8 pm to find out Tinsley’s and Andy’s reactions to Carole’s harsh words.  And tune in to WWHL to see Lu’s side of the story.

In the meantime, let me know what you thought of this episode of RHONY.  Who’s side are you on?  #TeamCarole or #TeamBethenny?