Alpha – Movie Review

Alpha is directed by Albert Hughes and stars Kodi Smit-Mcphee as a young man who was seperated from his tribe, and awakens alone. He must learn to survive and in that process he manages to tame a lone wolf abandoned by his pack.

Alpha is a visually stunning ride. In a movie almost empty in dialogue, it lets the stunning visuals do most of the work. Although it looks a bit farfetched, the relationship between young man and wolf is a very nice one to watch grow over the movie.


I already mentioned the stunning visuals. The story is really simple and doesn’t over complicate. It’s straight forward,  the boy get’s lost, tames a lone wolf and wants to go back home with the wolf’s company. It was a touching story, and watching their friendship grow was great to see.

The acting was good, and the script simple, but filled with lessons. With the fictional language created, it was a good idea to make the dialogue as simple as possible. And of course a very small, but nice twist in the end, that makes the ending beautiful. You suffer with the character and when he finally finds himself home, you can’t help but smile.

The main character is kind hearted, and very smart. In his journey, instead of growing to be a leader like his father, he grows to be his own kind of leader.


There is almost no effort into taming the said wolf. Seemed more like petting someone else’s dog than taming and gaining the respect of an actual wild animal. It didn’t ruin the impact of their relationship, but it made it less realistic.

Some actors struggled to cope with the fictional language, making some of their lines very unnatural, felt more like a 2nd grader reading a very complicated book. But it didn’t really impact the movie a lot, since there isn’t that much dialogue in the movie to start with.

Overall thoughts

The movie is worth a watch, it shows a great bond between man and wolf and shows a character growing in his need to survive and desire to go back home. It doesn’t come without his moments of cliché, but with an ending that really makes it quite worth it.

rating: 7/10