Shooter (S03E11) – “Family Fire”

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Will Bob Lee realize where to draw the line?

A family divided

After finding out that Ray Brooks (Michael O’Neill) was there the night Earl Swagger he decides to take action. Bob Lee (Ryan Phillippe) scares Ray enough to get the attention of Bama Snr (Gerald McRaney). Yet, what Bob Lee doesn’t know is that Bama Snr has eyes on his family and knows where they are. Bob Lee didn’t even realize that they were on the run. Julie (Shantel VanSanten), Mary and Anne are currently in New Mexico, until Julie finds an ATLAS agent in their room. She leaves everything: the burner phone, trades the car and decides to disappear.

ATLAS Recruits

After the bombing of ATLAS’ training facility, Nadine (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) and Isaac (Omar Epps) interrogate them. They do what they can and play one of the agents into leading them to Bama Snr. After Nadine gets called away, Isaac sees Bama Snr meet with John and decides to follow John. Isaac follows John to a warehouse where he knocks Isaac out, places a Catholic Rosary in his hand and sets the place alight. Isaac barely makes it out alive.

The death of a patriot

Harris accompanies Bob Lee in going after Ray Brooks. They end up kidnapping him and taking him to mountains, where Bob Lee walks Ray deeper in with a shovel in hand. Harris panics and tells Nadine, she warns him that ATLAS is on their way. Harris gets to Bob Lee in time to allow them to try and get away. This cat-and-mouse game with ATLAS agents and Bob Lee, Harris and Ray leads to a standoff. Margo (Mallory Jansen), Nadine and an FBI squad show up in time. The ATLAS recruit draws his gun, which causes him to be shot and killed. Bob Lee notes it as foolish, yet Ray calls it brave. Chief Justice Ray Brooks proves a point to Bob Lee by taking one of the pistols of an FBI member and declaring “This is how a patriot dies”, before pulling the trigger on himself.


Bob Lee and Harris are most likely being arrested for kidnapping a Chief Justice, but why? With ATLAS down to two main members, John and Bama Snr, what was the reason for John putting the Catholic Rosary in Isaac’s hand – does he want them to find the bombs that were planted in a school bus at the Catholic School? Which then begs the question, what is the reason for the bomb? With Julie, Mary and Anne on the run, where will they go to now? What will they do, who can they trust and more importantly, how will Bob Lee and the team find them?

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