The Happytime Murders – Movie Review

The Happytime Murders is directed Brian Henson and stars Melissa McCarthy and Brian Henson himself as 2 clashing detectives that are forced to work together to solve the brutal murders of the former cast of a beloved classic puppet television show.

The Happytime Murders talks about serious real life issues, like murders, racism, drug addiction. But instead of making it funny it makes it childish and  stupid instead. So, it makes us look at all those issues as simple jokes, and not good ones.


Hard to find many. With so many out of place, indecent and basically bad jokes, there are a few which made me laugh or smile. The story was interesting, i just wish they didn’t run away from it too much, to make unnecessary and bad jokes. The big reveal was good, in the end it made sense, even though from a point it was quite predictable. So the story itself is good, but unfortunately that about it for this movie


Melissa McCarthy seems like she only knows how to do one type of characters. The crazy, over the top, screaming and swearing woman. She has done it on, The Heat and on Bridesmaids, which worked because of the dynamic of their co-stars. She has done it on Identity Thief, she has done it on The Boss and she has done it on Ghostbusters. And for this movie she has done it yet again, and it is absurd. It’s one thing when the characters are well balanced, but when everybody else is the same way, then it just enhances how stupid it is.

The script is just completely terrible. Someone actually approved it, and thought it was funny. There is one scene at Phil Phillips (Brian Henson) office that is uncomfortable to watch. If it was relevant to the story, I would completely understand. But the scene doesn’t help the story forward, it terrible and too over the top and it is NOT funny.

Overall Thoughts

This movie had potential to be great, it’s premise was really intelligent. Unfortunately it takes the premise and fills it in bad acting, bad humor and just bad scenes overall. As this just feels like an 91min gag reel.

Rating : 3/10