BALLERS (S04E04) Forgiving is Living


This week on Ballers,  Spencer and Joe have their hands full.  Lance is  thorn in the backside of my guys, he is “bringing the pain” in this episode.  Spencer said it best, he “was stategically stealing money.”  He has no idea he’d steal much more than money, the gloves are off! It’s the Royal Rumble WWE style! Every time I see Lance Klians (Russell Brand) I tense up, can someone please get rid of this nuisance? He’s utterly annoying.  After Spencer fires him he decides to takes 90% of the staff and opens up a new company with a week or less. Adding  insult to injury Lance steals all the clients! Why not take Lance to court?  He is in breach of the contract! There’s a “No competition clause” in the contract that they have all have signed… What’s the problem?  Bully tactics doesn’t work on this crazy dude. 

 I think Lance finds humor in all of this drama; he then offers to purchase X Sports for fifty cents on the dollar. Wait,  WHAT!!  Ballers, you have frustrated me so much and it’s only four episodes in. I am dying for my guys to get back to Miami,  LA doesn’t seem to suit them. Yes, they did  have drama in Miami but LA just seems so shallow,  doesn’t fit them.

And the men in this season are under some kind of enchanted love spell. . I feel like the women are bullies in these relationships.  Jason (Troy Garity) and his obnoxious girlfriend (I don’t catch her name) whose trying to ruin his bread and butter star accounts.  On the other hand Ricky Jerret & Amber are… well, they gave us a break in this episode. I am grateful.

Jason, reign in your obnoxious girlfriend. Please! She snaps an Instagram photo of Jason’s, cash-cow -client, Kisan (say that three times fast)  canoodling with another woman on his boat (on purpose I might add).  Its common knowledge that once something is posted to social media. Well let’s just say,  Rest In Peace or Pieces, Kisan.  His beloved Tiffany,  is now in a rage. Sweet Jesus! She’s throwing glass at the guy with intent to injure! With good reason no doubt. For a preview of next weeks episode click the link below.


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