BelowDeckMed (S03E16) Definitely Not Prague

On tonight’s BelowDeckMed,

The last charter of the season comes to an end, and the crew’s last night out ends in tears.

The last charter of the season ends with relatively little drama, considering the way it began.

One of Daddyz Girls drank too much and almost passed out in the hot tub, but with Hannah’s help made it downstairs safely to bed.

The next morning, they left with barely a goodbye.

At dinner, Sandy ends the charter on a good note with everyone, but as soon as she leaves, the drama begins.

Sandy makes a comment about where Conrad’s going after the charter, and Brooke, in her innocent choir church mousey voice says, “Definitely not Prague, that’s for sure.”

It’s the end of charter season, so Brooke has zero f*cks left to give.

She, Hannah, and Joao get into it and things get crazy.

Hannah calls Jdouche a sexist pig, and Brooke tells her to f*ck off.

We all know how this story ends, right?

They have it out, and Brooke tries to make nice when they get back to the yacht, saying she refuses to fall out over Jdouche.

Excuse me, isn’t that what she’s been doing all season?

The season ends on a positive note though, as everyone leaves and pledges to end on a positive note.

At least until the Reunion.

So, with this being the last regular episode of the season, I want to know:

What was your favorite and most cringe-worthy moment of the season?

Let me know in the comments below.  It’s been a crazy season, that’s for sure, with some of the craziest, nuttiest (if you will) guests and crew we’ve seen in a while.

Smooth sailing, BelowDeckMed yachties.  At least til the reunion!