Bodyguard (S01E01) “Episode 1”


Bodyguard is a new series from BBC One. It is set around Sargeant David Budd, a Principal Protection Officer to Home Secretary Julia Montague – who’s ambition and ideals oppose his beliefs.


The episode begins with David Budd (Richard Madden), along with his two kids, on a train back home from his mum. After seeing concern from the train’s conductor, he investigates. As it turns out, there has been a bomb threat on a train heading to London, not specifying which one. David investigates the bathroom stall only to see a man leaving, but when he returns he finds a scared Muslim woman with a suicide vest strapped to her. After having the cavalry called in and preventing the suicide bomber from pressing the trigger and being shot by the CTSFO’s (Counter Terrorism Specialist Firearms Officers), he is taken home.

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A new protection detail

After preventing the bombing on the train, David is promoted to Principal Protection Officer of the Home Secretary, Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes). After butting heads on the first few days they begin to get along. Julia is accused of using the attempted bombing of the train for personal gain to take the PM’s job, by her ex-husband and current Conservative Chief Whip Roger Penhaligon. David is protecting a woman whos ideal oppose that of his own. She wants to have more power given to the likes of MI5 instead of NSY, a decision met with backlash in regards to a violation of privacy.

And old friend

Andy Apstead, a friend David served alongside, is disgusted with David’s new job.  Andy, who runs an Anti-war Veterans Peace Group has been asking David to join, because of the PTSD. David doesn’t want to go for the help but agrees with Andy regarding his job. He mentions what Andy used to say back when they served, “If you ever find yourself beside one of those bastards who sent us over there, you just close your eyes and pull the trigger.” Andy handed David a handgun, a gun to do what David wants to do. But is this really who he is? Does he really want this?

Bodyguard is a new series and it is a breath of fresh air, it’s something different. It may be a little slow, but the suspense-filled and nerve-wracking scenes make up for it. Bodyguard successful creates tension and anxiousness throughout each episode and expertly conveys it across to the viewer. Bodyguard appears every Sunday at 3PM ET on BBC One.

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