Chicken Girls (S03E01) “Bring It On”

It’s the 3rd season and the return of  the “Birds of a Feather ” also known as “The Chicken Girls”

Premiering 1 year ago, on September 5, 2017, there are things you need to know before watching the show. 

It’s a webseries, a quasi musical and the stars are teens and tweens.  For anyone not a Milennial, familiar with or at least in the same digital game, you probably won’t care about the characters or the show. Especially if you don’t remember your High School days …and/or don’t want too!  I did , do and said, “yes” to recapping and revewing after doing a quick binge on seasons 1 and 2 to catch up. The shows are 15 minutes or less each, making it doable with a snack. 

So it’s back to school and the class of ’22 has arrived.  “Our Gang” are  Freshman; fresh from Middle School/Junior High and all things are new.  The “where to fit in” begins.  Take a number. The cred that made you cool in Middle School, “it” and  “All that” is not transferrable.

And so we enter a New World of Jocks, Nerds, Musicians, Drama Queens, Debaters.  future Politicians and “The Queen B’s” a small swarm of girls, who always wear skirts, dresses, black ankle boots and are meaner than,” Mean Girls” and “Heathers” A name beginning with “B” is a requiremment.  So if you have to  change your name…hoping to find that niche, that is everything.  “Brenda” is still available! 

And in High School; everything  is “life …and death” With an episode titled, “Bring it On” we know immediately, somewhere  there’s a competition. But the “c” word here, is Change.

This episode  has the girls going out for the Dance Squad. With only 5 slots open, somebody won’t be dancing with the team.  Rhyme (Annie LeBlanc) simply quits before try outs.  And so we witness our 1st separation of the tribe and the “c”  word. Change!  

Thereafter and on the way home, Rhyme concerned that her BFF Birdie (Madison Lewis)  missed the 1st day, checks in. She finds a huge truck in the yard and  T.K (Hayden Summerall) Birdie’s brother ( her crush) surrounded by boxes. His parents are divorcing and he’s moving to Texas, with his dad…most likely. Another separation; hear the heart break and echoes of the “c” word, Change! 

New webisodes of The Chicken Girls are up every Tuesday at 3pt/6et on The Brat Youtube  channel.