Interview with Aleks Paunovic

Okay guys and gals we have a fun and amazing interview to share with all of you today, we have interviewed Aleks Paunovic. For those who don’t know Alek’s he has acted in The 100 as well as my favorite horror show Van Helsing which is just amazing if you guys haven’t seen it yet you need to. Anyway lets get to this interview!

Q 1) Going from being this super vampire soldier to now being a man out of time discovering all things invented, what is the most exciting part about playing Julius on Van Helsing?

The most exciting part about playing Julius is discovering and exploring this new world as a man running out of time. There’s also this want for him to go out the right way. If his life ends now it’s because he was doing something epic. He remembers everything about being a vampire, so he still has this need for retribution.


Q 2) When you heard about Van Helsing being renewed for a third season, how excited were you?

I was jumping up and down, spinning in circles like a little girl. I mean, it’s cool to have such a great family experience like the one we have on Van Helsing. Getting renewed for another season is like a going to a big family reunion.


Q 3) I know in Season 2 we saw Julius step up as being this protector/friend to Vanessa and company but what can we expect from Julius in Van Helsing Season 3?

It so interesting, all the characters are connected to another character in the show. Last season I was connected to Vanessa and Doc. I can’t spoil who it is, but you will see Julius connected to a different character, experiencing an emotion that you haven’t seen him experience before.


Q 4) Of all the things that Julius has discovered so far in the recent years of the vampire apocalypse, what is the number one thing you think is his new favorite thing? (example: bbq chips, strawberry water, cheese peanut butter crackers, etc.)

I would have to say Nacho Chips. Like, it’s cheese on a chip. It’s delicious.


Q 5) When Season 2 ended, we saw Vanessa be brought back to life by the ancient vampire, but the question I have is, will this resurrection have an affect on those that she turned back to human for instance Julius?

Well, you just asked me to give you a huge nugget of information from season 3. That’s very smart journalism of you, but I can’t say that I’m going to tell you.😊


Q 6) Of all episodes that have been filmed so far of the current season, what is one thing that we can expect when we see Van Helsing Season 3 on our television screens? (for example: more blood, death chaos destruction, guts, etc.)

I would say to expect all-of-the above x2.


Q 7) I’m sure there have been a lot of fun times while filming the new episodes, is there a funny time or fun moment t5hat happened to you while filming recently?

I don’t think you can call it funny exactly, but Neil LaBute, the show runner on Van Helsing, sent out the script for the final episode of season 2. As I got to the end of the script it read “and then Julius’ throat gets ripped out, Julius dies”. I re-read it, and was shocked that they killed me. I texted the other cast members asking if they read the script yet. They had, and all apologized for reading that I died. I texted Neil, “Hey, just read the script for the finale. It’s really great… but did I really die?” He responded with “Oh my god! You weren’t supposed to get the episode yet! Call me ASAP!” I was pacing, and panicking until I called him, and for 20 minutes he told me how great I was, that they could bring me back in flash-backs, that I would be missed, and to take care. Of course, I was still shocked, but I thanked him for the amazing opportunity, and said that I would miss working with everyone. To which he replied with “GOTCHA!” He said the prank wouldn’t have worked if he had just sent the script to me, so he sent it to everyone. The best part was that I then had to tell everyone that contacted me apologizing about Julius’ death that it was just a joke. Everyone seemed skeptical until the rewrite came out a couple weeks later.

Best practical joke I’ve been gotten for sure.


Q 8) I know in Season 2 of Van Helsing, Julius discovered BBQ Chips for the first time and loved them; do you have a favorite food?

My favorite food would have to be Lasagna. My mom makes the best.


Q 9) With the vampires that remain alive in the vampire apocalypse so far, is there any vampire that Julius still has a bone to pick or maybe wants to kill or take revenge upon?

Scab is always that one that is growing with power. The way he loves power scares me, so he’s the one I’m keeping my eye on.


Q 10) Final question because I know you’re a busy guy; If Julius ever does die on the Van Helsing series, how would you want him to die?\

I think if I do die, I would want it to be some kind of explosion in a very nice house so there are like 50 people trying to clean me up, swearing while they are doing it.


Also would like to thank JLee Icon Publicity for the photo of the interview!