Sonalii Castillo: Voodoo Master, Assassin… or both

Sonalii Castillo

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Credit: MAMBA

Sonalii Castillo is an award winning Actress, Director, Writer & filmmaker who was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in France. Having completed her formal education in Europe her family transitioned to New York City. Sonalii’s undeniable beauty caught the eye of several modeling agencies which led her to work in print and commercials. Discovering that acting was where her endeavors lied, she moved to Los Angeles and immediately signed on with Redrock Entertainment Development.

Sonalii has also landed some high profile roles on top-rated network television shows such as CBS “NCIS:LA,” NBC’s “Heroes,” the CBS dramas “Without A Trace” and “CSI: Miami.” She has appeared in several films and independent features in the past few years. She recently booked a leading role in the Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Variant’ playing the role of Mackenzie Styles. She joined the cast of the latest remake of “The Saint” as Sonali Alves, starring Adam Rayner as The saint and Eliza Dushku as Patricia Holm. She had a supporting role in Allison Anders’ made for television movie, “A Crush on You.” She also starred in “Reboot,” a cyberpunk film that has quickly become the buzz in the cyber world and is building a huge following worldwide.

Sonalii also joined the cast of the CW’s summer hit show ‘The Outpost’ as nomadic warrior bounty huntress Essa Khan which premiered July 10th.

Sonalii Castillo has not only graced your screens for over a decade and collected some notable credits working alongside some A List celebrities, but she is also an award winning Actress, Director and filmmaker.

As a filmmaker Sonalii created, wrote the screenplay, produced and is the Lead Actress in ‘MAMBA’, which has been screening in multiple countries and states across the US. MAMBA has won 17 Awards for Best Short film, Best Action Film, Best Action Thriller & Best Actress for Sonalii. She was also nominated three times for best actress for MAMBA and received two wins.

Her first film ‘Dahlias: Wild Card’ was screened at the ‘Knickerbocker Film Festival’ where she won an award for ‘Best Direction of a Film’. Dahlias went on to also be screened at the ‘Dominican Film Festival’ and proceeded to be screened in the Dominican Republic at the ‘Festival Cine de Cine Global Dominicano’.

Sonalii also created a web-series titled ‘Voodoo Vanessa’. This series has quickly grabbed the hearts of its viewers screening in multiple film festivals and has won two award for ‘Best Web Series’.

In addition to English, she is also fluent in French and Spanish. The actress’ and filmmaker’s honest sultry presence is of it’s own kind and will be welcomed by audiences along with her A-list