Bodyguard (S01E02) “Episode 2”


Family Fire

Stephen Hunter-Dunn (Stuart Bowman), Director General of MI5, meets with Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes) to discuss intel on a possible attack. The possible targets are all schools, yet one of them appear to be David’s kids’ school. They decide to keep it quiet as there might be a leak. Anne Sampson (Head of SO15) is rushed as an attack might be imminent. Agents were in pursuit of two possible targets on their way to carry out an attack. They switch vehicles and go after the school once making the agents on their tail. ARVs prevent the truck from reaching the school but the IED still goes off killing police officers. In the wake of this, David’s family is put in protective custody and he’s sidelined behind a desk.

Alliances formed

In the aftermath of the bombing, Julia decides to give operational control to MI5 as she feels SO15 is doing a lacklustre job. Julia also gets David (Richard Madden) reinstated and gets his son put in the special needs school, after overhearing the conversation between David and his wife, Vicky. Julia continues to meet privately with Stephen to discuss how their arrangements. Mike Travis (Vincent Franklin), Minister of State – Counter Terrorism, looks from the outside in and begins to worry.

Assassination attempt

On their way back from a cabinet meeting with the PM and other officials, their vehicle comes under fire. The driver is killed and their vehicle is stuck in the middle of the street under constant fire from the sniper. After calling in for help and having no ARVs arriving, David decides to take charge. He drives the vehicle out of the line of fire and goes after the shooter. Once getting face to face with the shooter he realises it’s his friend Andy. And Andy clearly wasn’t making an empty threat when he said that she needs to feel what its like to suffer. Before killing himself, Andy tells David to finish the job with the gun he gave him. After the incident, David goes home and hides the gun in a wall panel.

“…Anne Sampson”

David is called in by Julia to see her in the hotel, she has been moved to a secure location as she isn’t allowed to go home. When asked about who would have the authority to hold back ARVs, David first defends the Metropolitan Police. But eventually, David mentions that it would have to be an executive official in the SO15. “Anne Sampson”, Julia states. Yes, Anne and Julia butt heads over security and policy, but would Anne stoop this low and risk soo much? After being visibly shaken she leans into David but he doesn’t react. She emotionally says that he is allowed to touch her. One thing leads to another and they end up sleeping together.

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Deception for personal gain

Mike calls Anne to talk about doing something regarding Julia’s secret meetings with Stephen. Julia is advocating in parliament to have more power given to the Security Service to prevent more possible attacks on British soil. But it’s argued back that it is a violation of privacy. David meets with his superior and Anne to discuss his actions to save Julia, but he’s blindsided by questions into her meetings with Stephen. Anne uses the attempted attack on his children’s school to coerce him into spying on Julia. They set him up with adjoining rooms where Julia is staying and provided him with the means to spy on her. The episode ended with both Julia and David giving the adjoining door looks before she opens it and walks away. Again they end up sleeping with each other, further blurring the lines of their relationship.


  • With the threat level being escalated continuously, what will they face next?
  • What will the repercussions be for Julia’s continued advocation of the use of Security Service?
  • Will David give in and betray Julia? But will the tools given to find out what she is actually up to?
  • How will his PTSD continue to affect him? And will he go through with killing her?

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