Bodyguard (S01E03) “Episode 3”


The deception continues

Julia (Keeley Hawes) continues to meet with Stephen (Stuart Bowman) in secret. Stephen mentions a package being delivered to her but being undetected. Julia agrees and states not to the office. One night an agent drops off a tablet which would allow Julia access to what she needs, David (Richard Madden) intercepts this agent as he leaves. But, all David gets is a name – Longcross. After checking on the Police System he finds nothing. David further goes through the information on the tablet, it seems to be a serious sexual assault file on someone. The continued meetings between Julia and Stephen lead Mike (Vincent Franklin) to contact Roger (Nicolas Gleaves) to discuss this.

The lie can only go so far

David is interviewed by two MP Counter-Terrorism detectives about the shooter. As David recalls the events of what happened, he begins to trip over the lies. The detectives continue to question him to find out more and try to understand what really happened. Being backed into a corner David admits to a mistake, which further worries the detectives. One can clearly see the disbelief on the detectives’ faces, they don’t believe him. But, they don’t have any reason to doubt him.

The push to 10 Downing Street

After winning another vote in the House of Commons, all the stands in her way of passing the bill is the vote of the people. Which her talk at St. Matthew’s College should change. Before this, moves need to be made. Julia convinces David to take her privately and secretly to Chequers, the Home of the PM. The meeting seems to be a success as the PM orders a cabinet shuffle, clearly, the information on the tablet played a big part. This shuffle seems to be what she wants in moving higher up in the ranks, but is the PM position what she’s after?

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The moment everything changed…

Another attack

With Julia and David’s personal relationship on the rocks, after he strangled her due to a PTSD fit, she still asks for him to be by her side at the talk. This talk is an integral part of Julia securing the votes and support she needs. David sees Tahir, PR Advisor, pacing up and down outside the hall. David investigates this and asks him to show his briefcase and seems to not lethal, as David leaves him to enter the hall again. Then it happens… An unknown figure appears close to Julia on stage, Kim runs to Julia, David runs to Julia, but they are too late. The bomb goes off… It seems as if Julia is alive, but it isn’t conclusive. David in the hospital waiting room and gets into an argument with her ex, Roger, before being asked to leave by Mike. David leaves the hospital with a bag in hand, presumably the tablet.



  • Most importantly, Is Julia Montague alive?
  • Will MP Counter-Terrorism make the connection between the shooter and David?
  • What will be the aftermath of the explosion?
  • Is David going to show his superior and Anne the tablet?
  • Who is the unknown figure who detonated the bomb? Was Tahir involved? Was Rob involved?
  • What was the call about that Tahir received? Was it connected to the bombing? Why didn’t Rob come? Was this the real reason or was he in on this?


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