Mr. Mercedes (S02E03) “You Can Go Home Now”

Okay guys and gals, we had another great episode tonight and it ended with tears that it did, but we all knew it was eventually going to end up coming to that character’s death eventually just not this soon.  So lets get to the review my readers!

So in this episode we saw how Holly (Justine Lupe) has chosen to take up learning how Bill Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) does the routine of private investigating and learned quite a few things for her first day.  I was really impressed with how Holly became a investigator trainee and how well she did for her first time on the job. I have to say though the partnership with Holly and Hodges is really awesome and I like how they are bringing them close as friends and job partners. I hope they further this relationship in the future episodes and seasons if there are anymore seasons after this one.

You know, there is one character that we all felt really bad for this episode and it was Brady’s (Harry Treadaway) recent victim Sadie (Virginia Kull) when we first meet Sadie, we just see her as this nurse whose in charge of taking care of Brady’s vegetative state. But the more we learned about Sadie through these first 3 episodes we started feeling bad for her. Especially when she was being mind controlled by Brady. But in this episode we felt really bad for Sadie because we saw how much of her life really was miserable and I feel like thats why Brady chose her as a test run with his new powers because of all the miserable things in her life that was making her stressed it made her as an easy target if that makes sense. But the way in how they had Sadie die in this episode was really sad and tragic, they had Sadie commit suicide. And for all that are reading this right now, suicide is not an easy thing to ever talk about. For anyone who maybe feeling alone or suicidal there is help out there for you, and suicide is never the answer. Always get a hold of the right hotlines and don’t end your life, your life is precious and it deserves to be lived.

Now we all know that it’s not a Stephen King series unless there’s some kind of death that happens and yes Sadie’s death was sad but it’s a death that had to bring us back into a Stephen King story. Given that’s said, I think we all are happy to see the fan favorite Lou (Breeda Wool) on the series and we all hope that she is able to overcome her fears over Brady and that close call that she had back in season 1. Lou literally admitted that she feels like nothing because Brady took away one thing that she thought she always had control over was her life and when her life almost ended last season and now she has to overcome her fears and nightmares. I just hope that she survives throughout this whole series because if we ever lose Lou, I think a lot of the fans will be sad. But as for the character development for Lou I’m really impressed in how far it has come so far and hope they explore it more.

Overall this episode really was an impressive episode to the series and I can’t wait to see what else is to come!

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