Salvation (S02E11) – “Celebration Day”


“I am the first, but more will follow”

After a successful launch of the first slug from the Railgun, Darius (Santiago Cabrera) addresses the media at the White House. Confidently Darius answers the questions, stating that it is a 94% chance of success and that it will all soon be over. A member of COPE soon hijacked this media briefing. By questioning the Railgun’s purpose and eventually drinking a vile of an unknown toxin to end his life. Before his death, he stated that he may be the first but more will follow. The FBI Director had this to say after that: a number of shell corporations which correlate to COPE HQ’s across the country have been stockpiling weapons. They need to find where this Celebration Day is occurring as they fear it to be a mass suicide, but with Bass paying $5 million dollars for a luxury bunker, what is Celebration Day really about?

ReSyst no more

The team convinced Alycia (Melia Kreiling) to use ReSyst to help them to find Bass Shepard. Once online she got a trove of information – his entire personal server. But the celebration soon came to an end, ReSyst realised that she was working with the US Government. ReSyst put out all of her personal information and disavowed her. She lost the only family she thought she had.

Celebration Day

After feeling overwhelmed with everything and searching for a way out, Jillian (Jacqueline Byers) gave Zoe (Rachel Drance) a way and she took it. Currently, at an undisclosed location COPE is preparing for their Celebration Day. Zoe being grateful for the opportunity, soon realized this isn’t what she wanted. Alonzo (Ashley Thomas) received a successful tip regarding the whereabouts of “Celebration Day” and followed it. He reported it in and Sec Def Harris Edwards (Ian Anthony Dale) ordered the cavalry to meet Alonzo there. But Alonzo couldn’t wait. He decided to enter before backup arrived and ended up being shot in the stomach by Nora, Bass’ number 1. Backup arrived and then Grace (Jennifer Finnigan) decided to do her own thing and go in. She was able to convince Nora, with the help of Jillian, to let Zoe and Alonzo go. Harris and the FBI followed suit to raid the place, yet the found everyone and everything but Nora and Jillian.

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It’s all over

Going through Bass’ server, Liam (Charlie Rowe) found the plans for the Railgun. Darius called Dr Stendahl and order an evacuation, but it wasn’t enough to stop COPE. Nate plugged a USB to the computer while Dr Stendahl wasn’t looking, it shut off the cooling system which led to a catastrophic explosion and destroyed the facility. And ending Dr Stendalh’s life. With all hope lost, Darius deactivated Alycia’s ankle monitor and allowed her to leave. But she had other plans. Alycia along with Liam convinces President Darius to not give up. And it didn’t take much before Darius had an idea, one last hail mary to save the universe.



  • It seems that Q17 has taken a backseat, why?
  • Where is Bass Shepard, Jillian and Nora? And what does COPE really want? Because Sampson colliding with Earth would kill them too.
  • What is Darius’ idea? What is the Greatest Hail Mary attempt ever?

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