Shooter (S03E12) – “Patron Saint”


The penultimate episode of the Shooter franchise. The episode tried its best to summarize and somewhat tie off any loose ends to set up the Shooter finale.

Presidential call for help

After the events which had transpired, Bama Snr (Gerald McRaney) met with the President to discuss what’s left of ATLAS. The meeting turned out to be somewhat unsuccessful in the eyes of Bama, as he left the Oval Office not without giving the president a piece of his mind. Realising the shadow work which Bama oversees, Mr President realised this was just a courtesy call for what is to come. He has Nadine (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) and Harris (Jesse Bradford) picked up and convinces them to help shut down ATLAS.

Love on the rocks

Lying low, Julie (Shantel VanSanten) tells her sister to take Mary to Edie Poole. Julie then decides to go to Bob Lee (Ryan Phillipe). Julie can’t accept the fact that Bob Lee misses the action: when he’s home, he’s not really home. And Bob Lee has never fully accepted this fact until now. She arrives at his hotel and they get into an argument regarding this, he agrees and decides to stay. Unfortunately, it’s short-lived. The team arrive at the door asking for him to stop ATLAS’ next attack. Julia Swagger, at that moment completely realized the man she married “a man who runs towards a bomb rather than away from one.”

St Agatha Catholic School

Following the pendant left in Isaac’s (Omar Epps) hand, it leads them to St Agatha’s Catholic School. Visiting the school leads them to John’s other life. Running down leads they realize it’s a bomb, and the school’s bus is visiting the Supreme Court. The team realised the plan is to take out one of the Justice’s that oppose them to amend the deadlock in their favour. They make their way to the Supreme Court to stop the bomb to only realise it’s a diversion. When the bomb threat is called in, protocol is to evacuate the Chief Justice’s – which was his plan all along. The bomb goes off… Bob Lee goes after John and Isaac takes care of Nadine who’s been fatally wounded.



  • Will Bama Snr follow through on his threat to take out Bob Lee’s family?
  • Will the team stop John’s attempt to kill the Justice? And if they do, what then?
  • The allegations thrown out by Bama Snr towards the President, are they true?
  • Will Nadine survive the bomb blast?
  • Will Harris get the promotion to Chief of Staff?

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